Thursday, October 08, 2015

Vladimir Putin: welcome to Syria ... by gimleteye

Vladimir Putin: welcome to Syria.

The hell-on-earth that Bashar Al Assad has turned Syria into is now being joined by the army of the unchallengeable leader of Russia. The scorched earth is going to be scorched again.

Who would want to live in Syria? Apparently, a lot fewer.

Meanwhile, "The U.S. Treasury is seeking information from Toyota about how the terror group has gotten hold of the automaker's trucks, which have been shown in ISIS propaganda videos." Not just propaganda videos.

Any visitor to the Mideast knows that Toyota pickup trucks are everywhere.

Maybe the answer to ISIS' Toyotas is to put American soldiers in pickups, too, with mounted machine guns. If it's not Toyotas the terrorists are scrambling in; it will Suzuki or some version that emerges from the Eastern bloc or Russia.

There are going to be very few pieces to pick up in the hot zones of the Mideast.

More than ever, for regional neighbors of Syria, intervention is about keeping the desert conflagrations of the Caliphate away from the Kingdoms and Israel and Iran. These wars without end, though, promise that low-tech, asymmetric warfare will continue to bleed out towards Europe and Russia, too.

Putin, one hopes, is not insane. The chances of Russian intervention in Syria going his way are very, very slim.


Anonymous said...

Anybody wondering why it's mostly Toyota's in those kinds of environments? Well, first, those models are really good. And for second, I'm thinking of what baffled me on my trips trough central America in the seventy's. Japanese pickup trucks everywhere in abundance close to the US. Found out the Japanese financed their sales at low rates, knocking out the US competition. Only people with money no worry where seen with US pickup trucks back then.

I imagine the same apply's to the ME.

Anonymous said...

WW III started with Arab Spring and now Russia is tangling itself in its web.

Anonymous said...

Remember Russia in Afghanistan?