Tuesday, October 06, 2015

MDX Member Robert Holland: Bad Boy of Financial Disclosures in the State of Florida. By Geniusofdespair

Not submitting a financial disclosure form in a timely manner incurs a fine. $1,500 Maximum per year is the fine. Robert Holland owes $6,000 for previous years. As of October 31st it will be $7,500 that he owes (60 days late incurs the max for the year).

This year he submitted the wrong form, after all these years he should know better, and he was notified about it. GET THIS GUY OFF ALL BOARDS. If he can't file a financial disclosure form as required, who needs him?

You are in for a treat, he did file one form for 2012 (received by Ethics Dept. in 2014) and he has his TAX RETURN on it.

He is mortgaged to the hilt. How does one pay off $2,500,000 in mortgages (5 of them) on a total income of about $71,374 (that was in 2012) or adjusted gross income of $65,084?  That would be about $10,000 a month in mortgage payments, more than he makes. Maybe he has a rich uncle or rich wife. He paid about $10,000 in taxes in 2012.

I guess we know what he is hiding, bad financial decisions and he is making decisions for us on the Miami Dade County Expressway Authority (MDX)? Throw him off other board members, this has to stop. He promised in 2014 this behavior would end, it has not.

Some others who are late filing their financial disclosures:
They have not submitted their Financial Disclosure Forms - The fine is on the right for only this year. On October 31st it jumps to $1,500.

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Anonymous said...

This blog exposes sleazy board members who don't play by the rules. It is disgusting that there are so many board members making bad decisions for us.