Thursday, October 29, 2015

Picture of the week. By Geniusofdespair

Photo by South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard - Taken during the King Tide October 26th at Matheson Hammock


Anonymous said...

Last Night was a town hall meeting for Miami district 5, Keon Hardeman Commissioner, at Legion Park upper East Side Miami.
A lengthy question involved why the 14 Million $ pumps installed in Bell Meade are running and pumping water when there is no rain and water tables not exactly high.
As opposed to water splashing over the Little River sea wall at king tide, running down to the gutters, and being swiftly pumped back to where it came from.
The answers from City Officials dealt with "sealing the drain pipes" and "securing the pumping system"

The meeting was lithely attended, but the parking lot was full with cars from the neighborhood attendees. Disconnect is all I can say.

The invitation flyer had Hardemons picture and a one liner:
"As your representative on the Miami City Commission, it is important that I highlight the issues affecting you". Yea right!

youbetcha' said...

Maybe Hardeman wants to be able to say "he dives right in and deals with his constituent's issues swimmingly"?

Anonymous said...

Somebody is going to have to research and find out how much water intrusion takes place on street drains from rising ground water levels. This will solve some of the mytery of what Miami Beach is pumping on dry days in areas where bulkhead walls have already been increaded in hight. How much can water levels under structures be changed before the ground starts sinking?