Monday, October 19, 2015

Miami Dade Coastline Royalty. By Geniusofdespair

While waiting for my luggage, I was mulling over useless 'what ifs'. If Teresa Sarnoff wins the City of Miami election (despite not showing up at The League of Women Voters' Debate, angering women) and Marc Sarnoff wins the County District 7 Race ( if Xavier Suarez doesn't run again and instead runs for Mayor -- Marc Sarnoff said he would run if Xavier doesn't) the Sarnoffs will control most of Miami Dade's valuable waterfront making them extremely important people to know -  perhaps the most powerful couple in Miami Dade. They could coordinate on everything. I had better stop thinking up stuff.


youbetcha' said...

You are kidding me, right? Do you really think they would do anything between the covers except snuggle?

Tom said...

In control of most of Miami's waterfront, you say? Sounds familiar!

Flash back to the late 1990s. Wayne Huizenga and his network of bizarro attempts to form monopolies at the local level were trying very hard to snap up ownership of *every* boat slip in South Florida to be able to fix prices.

This pushed up monthly rates at his own marinas, as well as those at others he did not own.

I have no idea where the mass ownership of the docking slips went, but my guess is it's probably in the hands of overseas investors now, just like everything else in Miami ;)

I was once involved in a mission to sneak a vessel out of Dinner Key Marina after the rates quadrupled practically overnight and the City of Miami's management there tried to chain it in place so it couldn't be removed until a long term lease was signed.

We were particularly nice to them and left their chain and padlock intact; we just removed the cleat from the boat and replaced it. Byesies!

As for Huizinga's attempted monopolies - AutoNation/Maroone are still around but lost their stranglehold over auto sales in South Florida long ago after the profit margins slipped. Waste Management / Republic Industries is still around, but never got the enforced monopoly status they desired, so you can actually choose who you have service your Dumpster. The Republic Industries security division that installed nonfunctional camera systems in schools seems to be gone without a trace. His last oddball ventures have mostly been sports team related. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit that!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Marc Sarnoff uses a taxpayer paid policeman and a taxpayer owned SUV as his personal taxpayer paid chauffeur. 24/7. The policeman costs $119,000 per year and the SUV costs $60,000. Think Sarnoff is reporting this perk to the IRS? When Sarnoff takes wifey to China or Brazil on someones else's dime guess how the happy couple gets to the airport? Vote for Grace, at least we know her.