Friday, October 02, 2015

Mayor Gimenez: Don't Cry For Me Miami, I Kept My Promise, Don't Keep Your Distance... By Geniusofdespair

Carlos Gimenez Tells The Miami Herald He Delivered on His Campaign Promises as he FINALLY Opens A Campaign Account. He did reduce his Mayor salary (a promise) but he hired a zillion Assistant County Mayors at much higher salaries...not part of your promise Carlos! Anyway, you have that 6 figure fire pension to fall back on.
“I have a clear record of accomplishments. I have a clear record of keeping my promises,” said Gimenez, a former Miami firefighter who rose to become chief and then city manager before successfully running for the County Commission. “I learned my craft on the streets of Miami, and worked my way up through the ranks to become the mayor of Miami-Dade County. I know how government works.”
"Though Thursday was his first day as an official candidate for the 2016 mayoral race, Gimenez has spent the year raising money for his reelection effort. His political committee, Miami-Dade Residents First, brought in $1.3 million since January, much of it from companies and developers with interests before the county. Gimenez solicited donors in the effort, and the totals put him well ahead in the money race. This year, Regalado has raised about $520,000 and Suarez about $370,000."

Early ad in the campaign

I asked opponent Raquel Regalado her opinion about Carlos Gimenez finally registering as a candidate:
 Now that Carlos Gimenez is officially a candidate I look forward to debating the track record he is claiming to have and the many issues that face Miami-Dade county residents.
I also asked Xavier Suarez what he thought:
"It is unfortunate that an incumbent as well-known as mayor Gimenez needs to raise enormous amounts of money (both through a PAC and through an actual campaign) so far in advance of an election. When I was mayor of Miami and stood for reelection, I waited until the last possible moment to file and did my best to complete the term for which I was previously elected before beginning the electoral cycle."
Finally, our Mayor's actions say:

And as for fortune and as for fame
I never invited them in
Though it seemed to the world
They were all I desired


Anonymous said...

the mayors promise to streamline government seems to have done the exact opposite. It is more bloated and top heavy than ever.

Anonymous said...

Very brazen:
“I learned my craft on the streets of Miami, and worked my way up through the ranks to become the mayor of Miami-Dade County. I know how government works.”

So now he blames, having learned his "craft", on the streets of Miami!
I could dig this explanation from a drug dealer.

Anonymous said...

Taxes and fees are way up. 1,000+ more County public sector employees. Private sector employees get screwed.

youbetcha' said...

I did not realize politics and all it's trappings is something you learn on the streets.

Many people learn their political craft (assuming that is what he is referring to) in college and university settings studying Political Science, Humanities, and History. Business, Legal and Accounting studies seem to be a good solid way to prepare for any craft/avocation including public service. I don't think you can get any of that education on the streets of Miami.

Then many of those college students move on to campaign offices, often volunteering their energy in exchange for learning how to campaign. But, that still doesn't give the skill-set to run a government, it simply gives you the skill-set to be a salesman(or gal) of a political personage. You learn marketing on the fly and some dirty tricks, depending on where you land.


Nope, I don't want my elected official or his minions learning their skills on the streets. That is something better left to those who aren't running a county that has a giant budget and a zillion pits to fall into.

Anonymous said...

Good, we'd love to hear what Raquel Regalado actually stands for, instead of just her criticisms of the current administration. I am not exactly a Gimenez fan, but it's easy to criticize without offering any concrete, realistic solutions. Suarez has at least offered his own ideas and proposed remedies.

Anonymous said...

Then Suarez should vote his beliefs, he does not.

Anonymous said...

As my mother used to say, "Why don't the old farts retire and give a younger person at crack at the job" Steve Hagen

Anonymous said...

The only thing that this lobbyist-owned Mayor learned since 2011 is to not say "It is what it is..."

Anonymous said...

There's a whole lotta people just waiting to vote on that August Tuesday as sheer revenge for the harm and
damage done to their work lives and work places.

All of the PAC money will be used for heavy commercial rotations on radio and tv and, of course, organizing absentee ballot fraud.

Anonymous said...

When asked about climate change, he had no ideas. He's consistently behind the curve ball because he doesn't listen to residents. He doesn't deal with issues until problems smack him in the media.

Anonymous said...

He also has a very bad habit of offering gloom and doom projections, then being able to "miraculously" save the day. This method creates the impression of a "win," since the result is better than what was offered. However, when you're talking about people's livelihoods, it's downright immoral.......... Mass exodus, anyone?

Prem Lee Barbosa said...

Didn't Suarez just hold a fundraiser for himself? Doesn't that make his quote here hypocritical.

Anonymous said...