Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Andrew Korge: I don't want to like him...but I do. By Geniusofdespair

Andrew Korge at the October 14th 2015 Climate Change Rally and March
Omg even though I am in Gwen Margolis's district I am not in Richardson's District. I am in Geller's district,  Geller is as bad as Ron Silver. Anyway my apologies to Richardson for saying I am in his district. My District was changed. But, I know what Javier Jose Rodriquez is up to -- you would think that Richardson would be keeping voters in neighboring districts informed especially since he has higher aspirations. I know not what he does or Geller. How the hell did he get elected?

Andrew Korge is basing his campaign for Florida Senate largely on addressing Climate Change action in the Senate. He is running for Gwen Margolis's seat in District 35. She is term limited in 2020 but might not run in 2016. DON'T RUN GWEN.  I like her but my God she has been in office long enough. She was born in 1934 which makes her 81. If she serves 4 more years that will make her 85 when she leaves office.  Oh, well, it is her decision to make. If she is missing votes, then she should get out. Andrew is registered for 2020 but is ready to jump in in 2016.

Andrew Korge Marching
 Andrew Korge and Rep. David Richardson are set to run for Gwen's seat. David Richardson? He hasn't showed up for one climate change rally neither has that useless Geller. Andrew is at them all. Andrew even spoke at the County Commission Budget meeting when activits were attempting to get money in the budget for Climate Change. Okay, he might have done some polling. We all should know his dad is a well connected lobbyist and money raiser for Democrats.  And from what I read of Andrew's career, it is mostly volunteer gigs. But I could be wrong. I don't really care, he shows up for us and our issues that is what I like about him. And, not all that many of his constituents are there. He just does it.

I was walking with Candidate Andrew Korge part of time during the March.
Anyway, I have spent a considerable amount of time with this guy Andrew. He reminds me of the good Julio Robaina. He is personable -- takes criticism from me very well - I was pretty mean to him about his dad -- and he appears sincere on his desire to be the go-to person in the Senate on Climate Change.

Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez  managed to get to the Climate Change Rally and so did State Senator Dwight Bullard,  just like Andrew did.

I know more about Jose Javier Rodriguez and have met him dozens of times before and after he was elected (Jose doesn't represent me. ). Where are you  other two Representatives? Perhaps you should try to be more like Andrew Korge and get out and meet the people and talk to them and be a real person and support Climate Change and Sea Level Rise initiatives in Tallahassee. Force the Governor to say the words.

Here is Andrew Korge speaking at the County Commission on Sea Level Rise Funding.

 or watch on youtube

So I am liking Andrew Korge, even though he is not a former anything in politics. He is a force for good on one thing important to me.  And if he doesn't take money from Big Sugar, I will vote for him. Here are his priorities, Income equality is good, Rooting our corruption is always a safe thing to say, but because of his father, hard to swallow. His dad is powerful but he doesn't invoke his name nor lean on him (maybe with fundraising he does) but out in the field, Andrew Korge is a regular guy. Watch the damn video, he makes good points.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, good to know about this guy. I did see him at the Rally.

Andrew M. Korge said...

For the record, I did not poll sea level rise or climate change. I simply walked/drove around our coastline, saw the flooding, did some research, and realized that my kid's future in Miami is at risk. They are fourth generation Miamians, and I want them to live here forever!

Unknown said...

GoD, I too am on the fence with Mr. Korge. If the FL Senate is supposed to be the more deliberative chamber, he may be a good fit. It's funny you mention the "good" Julio Robaino. I met with him several times when he was in office and he was a solid legislator.

Anonymous said...

Need shorter term limits. Being a senator, congressperson, etc, was never meant to be a life-long career. Formerly it was a part time job! And there definitely should not be an 81 year old who's been in the FL senate/house for 35+ years! Fing ridiculous!

A lot of that would start with repealing Citizens United. Take the massive amounts of cash out of the game...

NewsBureau said...

Having difficulty digesting your closing snark, aligning Chris Korge with public corruption. Lobbyists, fundraisers and power brokers make inviting targets, but not all fit the popular stereotype.

There is no history whatsoever to authenticate your inference of impropriety, which leaves casual readers vulnerable to damaging false impressions. In the interest or truth and fairness, you might want to rethink your mischaracterization and walk it back.

As for Andrew, yeah, you pretty well nailed it. He's got a good heart, earnest intentions and a healthy, proactive understanding of the looming peril which threatens to consume Florida. He might well be the right communicator to awaken the sensibilities of stubborn climate change deniers in Tallahassee and give Florida a fighting chance.

Geniusofdespair said...

I read sins of South Beach written by Korge's cousin. Didn't appear to be any lawsuit on the charges made that were criminal

NewsBureau said...

Not exactly a retraction, nor even clarification of your mistaken inference of public corruption, which STILL leaves Chris Korge unfairly defamed and Andrew blistered, both personally and politically. I don't think this was your intent, Geniusofdespair, but allowing the incendiary inference to stand, as is, perpetuates a false, damaging and hurtful claim.

If your sole point of reference originates in Sins of South Beach, a convicted felon's vindictive tell-all, consider that the notorious author's splashy published revelations about many of South Florida's most vulnerable wags have yet to result in a single indictment. Perhaps that's why the much-hyped, long-promised film adaptation of the book has yet to materialize -- even as pulp fiction.

If your character litmus test requires that those accused and mischaracterized in Mayor Daoud's exposé file civil defamation lawsuits to clear their names, be informed enough to know that Daoud had no income or assets to put at risk when he penned and published the book. A man who has nothing to lose has nothing to lose.

Be fair. Stand corrected. Do the right thing. Delete that contrived inference.

Anonymous said...

I read Daud's book. All those mentioned, if innocent, should have cleared their names from Daud's criminal accusations, you don't need to get money to clear your name. The sins of a family member doesn't taint A righteous man. Andrew has nothing to be ashamed of.

Geniusofdespair said...

Would you prefer I just quote word for word from the book? I can do that. It will be much worse but I will do that for you. Putz.

outofsight said...

NewsBureau: What makes you so special that use that monger?

To be honest, other than the fact you are rather verbose in your essays, I don't give rats butt about anything but the candidate I vote for and maybe his playmates...

I have had internet chats with Andrew, and I think he is fine. Chris Korge wasn't even a drip in my potty...until you started ranting. Now, I have to research why.

I don't like lobbyists, but everyone lobbys for something. I would rather be on side of the good somethings as opposed to the side of evil somethings.

Geniusofdespair said...

This is what I get when I write a positive piece kicked in the teeth.....I deleted the prick

outofsight said...

He is still ranting...on face book this time. AH.