Friday, September 11, 2015

The X Plan: Working on Mass Transit. By Geniusofdespair

X-Plan: Four New Branches of Transit

East-West Line along 836 to FIU ($300M)

BayLink to Miami Beach ($530M)

South Dade Extension along US-1 to Homestead ($690M)

Sun-Life Extension along 27th Ave ($255M)

County Commissioner Xavier Suarez is calling for a return of all proceeds from the half penny sales tax back to the People's Transportation Plan to fund these projects:

Miami-Dade can secure the revenue streams to expand mass transit and build these four new branches to all corners of the county.

You might not agree with the X man but at least he has ideas. I think we need the money returned. Also I think we need US 1 Homstead to Broward.

I think someone is testing the waters on running for Mayor see the Issues show with Helen Ferre:
Another critic of Gimenez and his budget, County Commissioner Xavier Suarez, launched television ads earlier this week criticizing the mayor for transferring desperately needed transportation funds to finance other projects.


Anonymous said...

Xavier Suarez would be an excellent choice for County Mayor! Hope he runs.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember his absentee ballot fraud of 1997 or do you just like rewriting history?

Geniusofdespair said...

He was effected by the fraud as the judge threw out all the absentee ballots because of a different candidate. He was not implicated in the fraud.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Suarez, you voted for the budget. Why? If you think some things like transit are underfunded you should have addressed that with your vote not commercials.

Did you even read the budget?

Anonymous said...

Genius: you are correct! Thank you for your honesty!