Monday, September 14, 2015

Mayor Carlos Gimenez Expected to Speak at the U.S. China Climate Change Summit This Week. By Geniusofdespair

So why is Mayor Gimenez's budget devoid of any Climate Change funding for planning on this catastrophe? Forked tongue? I am glad he is going. I think he will learn a lot and that is needed.

Daniella Levine Cava, Commissioner for District 8, is also going (paying her own way). Mayor Cindy Lerner of Pinecrest is a Keynote Speaker at the event.

Draft Agenda

I wonder if anyone will ask him how much it is costing Miami Dade County, since we are at ground zero.  Miami Beach: You can't just keep pumping out the water, and, by the way is the county helping the city pay for the pumping?

Daniella Levine Cava said:
Our county is ground zero for sea level rise in the United States and rising waters pose a serious threat to our community, economy and way of life. Local governments around the world are working to find solutions and the summit is a key opportunity for local leaders to share best practices on combatting and preparing for sea level rise. I thank Mayor Gimenez for including me in his delegation.
If you believe this Daniella, please vote for a budget on second reading that is not devoid of any money for climate change planning and "best practices":
"In this three-volume budget, there is one mention of sea-level rise.
This has to be a joke. Given that we're Ground Zero for climate change."
Maggie Fernandez, League of Women Voters, To County Commissioners on 09/03/15.

  Was Rebeca Sosa invited to be part of the delegation? When she was Chair she put together the first Climate Change task force with Harvey Ruvin as the Chair. Rebeca said indeed she was invited but she had pressing business at the County. Was County Clerk Harvey Ruvin invited?  How did the Mayor decide who would be part of his delegation? Only people that approached him? And, how did he talk Sosa into waiting till midyear for any funds for Climate Change. The time is now Rebeca not midyear. Use your power - your vote for the budget.

I believe this budget cycle there should be a line item for Climate Change in the County Budget -- since one of our biggest cities, Miami Beach, is already experiencing flooding. The fund should have at least $1 Million in it. It can be transferred back to the general fund if it is not needed but we need engineering reports, RFPS, matching funds for grants, this is too critical to wait to see how much money we need. We need to get to work as Rick Scott would say...not mid-year now. And Phillip Levine send the county a bill for the pumps to light a fire under them. Let them get rid of those useless mom and pop grants, most are a scam, that they shouldn't be involved in and let them stop giving money to Ron Book's charities. In fact, let them ask for the money they gave him already back.


Anonymous said...

Miami Beach will use the billion dollar convention center as a bargaining chip with federal government and the county. China should sends its experts over to Miami Beach to record the drain spouts of all these condominiums and hotels. Do some math on issue. One-inch rain will collect 600 gallons from a 1,000 square foot roof.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Natacha Sejas put the first task force together.

Anonymous said...

How do you know Commissioner Levine is paying her own way? Did she tell you? I would do my homework first before writing that.. They all use our tax dollars to go to these nice hotels and shake hands of future donors instead of funding programs here in our community. Total waste of time and money.

Geniusofdespair said...

Yes she told me. Fuck you do my homework.

Anonymous said...

You trust what a politician says? I wouldn't be so sure and again in true "journalist fashion" I would do my due diligence and ask for records request before printing that. Do yourself that favor, and don't be so trusting. We know you love her.

Btw no need to curse at any of your readers.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful the Mayor Gimenez is going to a summit. As our Mayor acknowledged that he not read books and thus does not research subjects very deeply, it's important that he be in the midst of serious thinkers and discussions that explain the seriousness of this issue. It'll offer some balance to his cloister of Miami-Dade lobbyists.