Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Jorge Perez and Jeb Bush: The Sun Rises in Cuba ... by gimleteye

Mother Jones reported an interesting story on homegrown billionaire Jorge Perez: "Bush Poaches a Longtime Clinton Backer."
The biggest donors in American politics don't often cross party lines, but Jeb Bush has scored a major exception. Jorge M. Pérez, a Miami developer known as the "Condo King" for his many high-rise condo projects, has long supported Democrats—and the Clinton clan, in particular—with his campaign contributions. But this presidential election cycle, the billionaire has donated at least $245,000 to Right to Rise, the super-PAC backing Jeb Bush, according to recently filings by the group.
A business lifetime for Perez passed since Jeb Bush left office eight years ago. Perez survived a near-financial death during the housing bust in 2008. Instead defaulting, Perez persuaded bankers that only he could extract value from the mess of downtown Miami.

While South Florida quickly became the foreclosure capital of the nation, big fish like Perez got away. None of Perez' bankers wanted to become Miami real estate owners by putting Perez out of business. Few could have guessed Perez would remerge from the financial carnage, a reborn billionaire. Thank Tim Geithner for that.

"It's pretty shocking," says a Miami-based member of Hillary Clinton's national finance committee. "It's not shocking that a traditional Democratic giver from Miami would give to Jeb, particularly a real estate developer, but Pérez is a longtime stalwart Clinton person."

So what is going through Jorge M. Perez' mind as he pushes Hillary Clinton away? Cuba.

Under a Democratic administration, it is unlikely the White House would put only favored contributors in line for first dibs in Cuba. On the other hand, we know from past experience that Jeb! rewards loyalists and freezes out political enemies.

We know because we witnessed when he was governor, how the outsourcing of public services accrued strictly to the benefit of Bush insiders. For example, from his first day as governor, Jeb! understood that water management infrastructure and changes to water policy acted as spigots to nourish his allies. Just ask Al Cardenas.

For public consumption, Jorge M. Perez will likely say he admired Jeb Bush as governor. What he won't say: on the chance that Jeb makes it through the Republican primary and into the White House, there's a lot more upside than downside to Jorge Perez' contribution to Right to Rise, the Jeb Bush superPAC.

The Sun Rises In Cuba.

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