Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jim Toomey is all for Mangroves... Yeah!!!! By Geniusofdespair

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I root and plant mangroves. Maybe you can too. The pods are everywhere, you can find them at the beach, on store shelves...everywhere. Don't take them from natural habitat, they flourish by themselves. I find mine floating with the tide.

Just put the brown part in water (tap water) and wait. Hint: Mangroves are very social they don't like being alone. They thrive better when you put a few of them together. I have about 7 or 8 right now in one vessel. The brown part starts developing roots. Then the top starts to generate leaves. It  really is quite nice to watch.

Don't be impatient. Remember impatience is not a virtue.

Also see Mangroves...guardians of the coast:

Mangroves are among the oldest and most productive wetland forests on our planet. Found in the intertidal zone, they are uniquely adapted to survive highly saline and anoxic conditions. They are ideal habitats for many terrestrial and marine species, carbon sinks and natural barriers against storm surges and coastal erosion. Mangroves provide invaluable services but have been declining worldwide as a result of anthropogenic and other threats. 

Maybe Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor John DuBois will start cultivating mangroves for the good of the community.

My Mangroves. They came in with the tide. Note, my fine china cup.
As you can see, they are starting to root. Note: They are hearty little fellows, sometimes I forget about them and leave them in my beach bag a few days or in the car overnight with no water. They are still alive.

Maybe we shoould plant these all around Marco Rubio's house. What a photo op that would be for the country: All of us with our seedlings in a cup surrounding his house. I love it.


Anonymous said...

The deniers are slowly changing their stance on sea level rise and global warming, except the current crop of Republican presidential candidates. Maybe they should visit Miami and see the king tides happening right now. They should bring along the congressional delegation of deniers with them.

Mrs. Mangrove said...

Please don't collect mangrove seedlings from natural areas or undeveloped shorelines. The natural areas and shorelines can take care of themselves and don't need any help. The seedlings are called propagules and they are an important part of the mangrove forest ecology. If you find propagules in other areas far from mangrove forests, like on sea walls or docks, you can take them home and nurture them.

Anonymous said...

Or floating in the ocean....or on the beach????

Mrs. Mangrove said...

Best to leave them be unless you find them on a man-made surface...

Anonymous said...

Frankly, it is not a big deal to pick up a few red mangrove propagules to try what GoD describes, no matter where you find them. Just don't try returning them to a saltwater area if you sprouted them in fresh. They likely won't survive the shock. The real threat to mangroves in South Florida is development and waterfront property owners - both public and private - who do not recognize their immense value or who just don't care.