Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Think Xavier Suarez is Running for Mayor. By Geniusofdespair

Great Video from Xavier Suarez. He is so right on this one!!

Here is what he says to accompany the video:

More than 10 years ago, Miami-Dade voters approved $75 million for projects to help economically depressed communities. Mayor Gimenez supports only two that make no sense and would harm our Biscayne waterfront and Pine Rocklands natural habitat.

SkyRise requires county subsidies for developers who want to permanently block our glorious Biscayne Bay waterfront with a giant and intrusive tower. Once that tacky tourist trap is built, we're stuck with it.

Miami Wilds requires county subsidies for out-of-town companies that want to destroy ecologically imperiled Pine Rocklands. It also requires the county to declare slum and blighted an endangered natural habitat, when it actually needs to be protected.

To make matters worse, the promised jobs will never materialize. Just this week, Miami Wilds released documents that slashed job projections by 85% to 403 jobs instead of the promised 2,758. That is 1/7 the number. These projects aren't worthy of our taxpayer dollars.


Anonymous said...

That money doesn't exist we have to borrow it.

Anonymous said...

You think XS is running for County Mayor? From your mouth to God's ear!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Xavier Suarez complain about Gimenez raising taxes and fees? Does he think money grows on trees?