Monday, September 28, 2015

County Commissioner Pepe Diaz: Why Do The Good Die Young and The Dumb Keep on Ticking? By Geniusofdespair

I have been writing about waiting and waiting for County Commissioner Pepe Diaz's Epiphany since at least 2011. Brawl in the Keys, Brain Tumor, Stomach Staples and other problems have plagued the County Commissioner but he never changes. He just got arrested for drunken driving and speeding (double the speed limit - see the video here). For years I have been begging Pepe to see the error of his ways and to adjust his very bad voting record.

Maybe just maybe the Pope's visit will be the catalyst for change because he certainly doesn't learn anything by experience. And Pepe, that fake HUMBLE stance of yours, it is not working, no one believes you are humble for a minute. I think you are a thug and the brawl in the Keys, at a meeting no less, proves you are not humble. Get on your massive Harley and ride off into the sunset with all your Harley buddies because there is no chance for redemption. I think you are just too dumb to change and become a better person.

My 2013 Pepe Diaz Easter Prayer (didn't do any good)
Rescued from the brink of death
Pepe's a lucky man
God looks down upon him waiting
Waiting for the redemption of this fractured man
God waits for Pepe's glorious Epiphany
Months have passed, it has not come
God is patient but he wonders
When will Pepe care about all the people
And use his votes for the good instead of the connected
God thinks, Pepe's a selfish man
Or, maybe worse, just a stupid man
The rich get richer and God waits
and waits
For Pepe to become a righteous man.

In Other News:

Read County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava's timely Op Ed on Climate Change as high ties plague Miami Beach. A flood advisory has been issued.

And DO NOT MISS Carl Hiaasen's column of the theft of money from State Amendment 1:

Most embezzlers try to conceal their thefts, but not in Tallahassee. The looting of Florida’s Amendment One conservation funds took place in broad daylight, orchestrated by two poker-faced swindlers named Andy Gardiner and Steve Crisafulli.

Gardiner is president of the Senate. Crisafulli is speaker of the House. Remember their names, because they ripped you off big-time — and it will happen again next year, if they think they can get away with it.

More than 4 million Floridians voted last November to set aside 33 percent of the revenues from existing real-estate stamp taxes for buying conservation and recreation lands, and for the restoration of such areas already owned by the state.


Anonymous said...

The BCC continually enable him too, which doesn't help. Where is Rick Scott on this? How can he break the law and still be on the BCC, at least suspended. He is a thug; always has been.

Anonymous said...

Remember Pepe voted against police body cameras. As a global warming denier and almost always seems to vote the wrong way favoring his political supporters at the expense of the residents of Miami Dade. We need some new representation on the BCC to deal with the real issues we face.
The State legislators are also working against the interests of the voting public as Carl Hiaasen just exposed. They also need to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Your prayer is hilarious. You must recite it at a commission meeting.

cyndi said...

Glad for Carl's article but where was he when at the time we were begging Crisfuli?