Thursday, August 13, 2015

Watch the PAC's, Readers. By Geniusofdespair

New PAC: Miami Dade Citizens For Progress. Now what are these guys up to??? It says in the filing papers they don't know there purpose yet.  The donors are CERTAINLY not made up of citizens. It is the well-connected that are paying in. Did Gimenez get worried 1 PAC was too little? This is the 3rd one that might be his (Miam Dade Residents First and Common Sense Now are for his benefit).

Note Jorge Luis Lopez, Gimenez BFF.  New Leadership Network is also Jorge Luis Lopez. That is $17,500.

Some others:
Rosa Fernandez is Ferosa Enterprises,

Limonar is Alfonso Cordoba et al. Alfonso, Alberto and Maria Cordoba of Key Biscayne want to move the Urban Development Boundary for a small city. Green City in Commisioner Zapatas district.

Bob Gorlow through his schoolteacher wife, Larkin Hospital, Jose Infante (Redland Companies), Odebrecht, Ernesto Martinez, Jr. Homestead's Fake Petition Guy. He also is the treasurer of New Leadership Network. Armag LLC is Codina Partners.

The only expenses they had was to Brian Yale Goldmeier, BYG Strategies, the same guy collecting donations for Carlos Gimenez PAC.

James Brown is the Chairman of this PAC. Now I am pretty sure he is dead so there must be another one. Anyone recognize the signature?


Anonymous said...

Gorlow is the Wet Dream Mall guy.

Gimleteye said...

Good work, G.O.D. The Miami Herald should publish this sort of analysis on the front page, for every reporting period, as a sign of public protest.

Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald cannot publish this type of information because it's editor is fully committed to Gimenez's agenda and indebted to the special interests in this county. Blame the likes of Norman Braman and the corrupt lobbyists who financed Gimenez's 2012 campaign for the mess he has created. As long as citizens don't read, comprehend and vote we will be enslaved by these great corruptors. With no oversight from the election department, no monitoring from law enforcement and ethic enforcement agencies, expect the same result as 2012.

Geniusofdespair said...

Maybe our more progressive commissioners should works towards getting us an ELECTED election chief. How about it Rebeca, you get things done. Daniella? Juan? Audrey? Dennis? Who will propose it?

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Gimenez is too partisan to be the de facto elections chief. He supports candidates over and over. We need someone not hitched to him. Hudak had her head handed to her (Townsley's supervisor) answered to her in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Let's think about how the other county watchdogs have worked out to date. Rundle blessed Centorino and Cagle, where did they all come from, oh yeah her office.
Think the State Attorney has somebody else they can run for Elections Supervisor besides Al Lorenzo? I would imagine Deisy and Uncle Tio would be his deputies.

youbetcha' said...

Ernesto Martinez is an elder affairs attorney that has been all over the place in South Dade. He hangs out in Homestead and the Bays... I always assumed it was because he either wanted to be elected or he needed to drum up legal business. Apparently, he is spending considerable time in Homestead lately, but he took an interest in the recent Gables election. When does he have time to practice elder law?

In 2010 Ernesto lost to Michael Bileca for state house.


Citizens for Transparency and Integrity in Government - Treasurer closed 07/14/15 Interestingly just closed.
Miamian's for Honest and Responsible Government 2011
Coral Gables Deserves Better Now! Chair and Treasurer 2015

Governmental Affairs

Miami-Dade County Committeeman, Building Better Communities Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Miami-Dade Bonds. 2010; Chairman, Town of Cutler Bay, Charter Review Committee. 2007; Committeeman, Miami-Dade County South Corridor Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Committee. 2005-2006; Councilman, District 15, Miami-Dade County South Bay Community Council and Community Zoning Appeals Board. 2005.

Community Leadership

Vice President and Board Member, University of Miami Hurricane Club. 2006-2007; Vice President and founding member, Cutler Bay Business Association. 2006; President, University of Miami Greater Miami Alumni Club. 2000-2002.

outofsight said...

Change Is Good Political Committee Is the name of the homestead Waldman group

No Pretenders Please said...

Big time campaign coordination in Homestead being led by Porter and Waldman.

They brought in some loser from Broward named Mark Goodrich who hasn't really won with any candidate yet. His guy against Curbelo was McDougall who ran a terrible campaign and they had tons of money. Then Goodrich put together a petition sanctioned by the city clerk and attorney and had to invite the public to withdraw their signatures because of fraud complaints.
Porter and Waldman have the same political committee man Ernie running Moving Forward PAC which was humiliated by a few citizens. Jeff Porter who is a stooge of Nick Sincore, Mike Marcus and Steve Shiver has a PAC called Change Is Good also run by Ernie. Looks like same old to me.
The thing is they are drafting candidates like Larry Meno to run against John Burgess. Larry was Bateman's bodyguard a couple years ago and called his arrest on corruption charges a ploy. So Larry looks like a complete moron with his love of all things Bateman. Word is Larry has serious financial issues which could make him vulnerable for easy pickings by the forces of bribery.
Homestead is really the pits so far this year the challengers seem unknown to this point.
As for the Waldman's campaign she is termed out and has stuck her husband Marvin out there to keep her seat while she controls his campaign strong arming past supporters.
Need some credible people to get in these races, they have until September to announce. Breanna Kirkland is challenging Patricia Fairclough. Larry Roth and Marvin Waldman are real estate agents with the same firm running for Waldman's old seat. Ramiro Orta and Steve McDuffie are running against Porter. Meno against Burgess. Thats all there is so far. For Homestead the gene pool gets smaller every election and with the schemes cooked up by the carpetbaggers Homestead needs some people with common sense and good judgment to make better decisions. Patricia at Oasis and John at Keys Gate do a good job. That Villages seat and position of Mayor are lacking quality candidates right now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the above is trying to lay the groundwork for the return of Bell stooge, Wendy Lobos. (NFW, not going to happen) While the above is generally correct, another factor is that Meno is now the stooge of the Waldmans who ache for a return of the Roscoe Warren days when they had unlimited and unchecked power. His run is also a vendetta against Burgess who twice beat the Queen of Pout and Teary Eyes for Vice Mayor. If somehow Merv Waldman and Larry Meno were elected, City Manager Gretsas may as well pack his bags, he would be a gonner in no time. After all, how can Council members help themselves and their friends make money when an honest guy like Grestsas keeps getting in the way ? Mayor Golly Shucks Gee Whiz would bail out on George in a flash.

Anonymous said...

That's the case everywhere. There is no abundance of good candidates.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Gimenez is such a disappointment. How can he stand all these creeps swarming around him?

Anonymous said...

"Hudak had her head handed to her." False. Alina Hudak, aka The Crony Queen, has been pulling the strings from day one of the Gimenez administration. She has thrived under Gimenez, and her head has never been handed to her. Although she is unusually close to Gimenez, she was also "besties" with George Burgess and Merritt Stierheim. Her former assistant Tara Smith was just handed the Internal Services Department job at Hudak's directive. BTW - Townsley was a secretary in the Business Development department before she caught the eye of her buddy Lester Sola and became one of the elite county cronies who don't need to compete for county executive jobs. Like Hudak, Townsley has been promoted from job to job (with salaries as high as $200k) without having to compete for a single one. It must be nice!