Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Eye on Miami Saturday Editorial August 8th: The Presidential Election is Heating Up. By Geniusofdespair

The Miami Herald Gave up on the Sabbath Editorial Page...We didn't.


A 90 year old World War II Marine Veteran says he watched the debate and supports Donald Trump. He said, mainly because he tells it like it is and is not a politician. Our Veteran said he liberated Guam and when he left Guam he went to Iwo Jima. He said his favorite president was Truman, who of course dropped the bomb, and for our war hero, ended the war. His wife was from Iwo Jima and was there when the bomb was dropped. I was going to ask her what she thought of Truman but hey, I had already interrupted their dinner how much ruder could I get?

He said his biggest disappointment today is with the President because he won't take on Isis. He said Isis are flag wavers not fighters. Our veteran was a Corporal in the Marines but he was proud to say that the men he served with made him a Sergeant in the field when it was needed.

This is WW II Vet and Trump supporter when he was in the Marines. He had the picture in his wallet. Note the cigarette. He said he never bought a pack. All the manufacturers wanted to claim that Marines smoked their cigarettes so they gave them out for free to Marines.


While Carlos Curbelo infects those around him with Whooping Cough, Annette Taddeo has launched a campaign against him. I suppose he will recover soon.

Annette was running mate to Charlie Crist for Governor.  What a sad loss that was. Damn Dems didn't vote.

The Toxic Congressman has raised the most money of any House Member in the Nation. He is now in a swing district so he is going to need every penny to fight Annette. Like Daniella Levine did -- move from District 7 to District 8, Annette is preparing to move into the 26th Congressional District.

If you want to give to Annette's campaign to even things up a bit, you can do so at this link.  This is the race to watch. No one has great love for Curbelo, cough-cough.

My notes are below each photo:
While all these wacky guys are kissing ass over at Fox News, Hillary Clinton is running a kinder and gentler campaign aimed at women...'the sex the guys at top have forgot'.

This is a terrific video. Very personal. I never knew anything about her mother till now. Love the old photo of her and Bill in college. Can't see the video? Here is the link.


The Harvard educated Commissioner posted $25,250, the least of any County Commissioner running, but then he didn't have anyone too toxic on his list...except Jeffrey Bercow (Berkow) snd some PAC's I am too lazy to look up. No one is running against him....yet. Heard term limited city Commissioner Marc Sarnoff is threatening a run. He can't win.

P.S. Hillary Clinton even did an environmental/climate change/renewal energy video...none of that was discussed at the debate (they should have asked the candidates if they believed in climate change).

From The Hillary Clinton Video.
This video I like more (targeted at me so I should) and so should environmentalists. As usual, my gentle reminder: watch the damn video!


Anonymous said...

I look for your editorial page every Saturday morning. Keep them coming.

Barbara said...

The renewal energy video is awesome!

Anonymous said...

The climate change video is a game changer for me. Thank you for posting it. Her promise for the first day in office made me so happy but I wonder why Obama has dropped the ball and not made a start with renewal energy. Why do we have to wait for Clinton to get elected? I would like to see more from our current President.

Did Curbelo infect congress? Hope so.

cyndi said...

Great Editorial page today! Thank you again. A few things. I think it's important to explore her relationship with the Fanjuls. I'm hoping you guys will do that. I think that any Dem running would run the same video because this issue is so important!
As for the Republican Debate. Great entertainment.
The only person that actually stuck for me was this guy.
Gov. John Kasich urges heightened awareness of mental illness issues to show need to expand Medicaid
We all have to read a little more and I hope to find he walked the walked with the mentally ill.
We have 88 year old Gramma's that make 900 dollars a month and get 17 bucks a month for food stamps.
Paula Dockery made some good remarks about him on twitter during the debate.

Anonymous said...

My 87 year old aunt lives in an independent living facility in Del Ray. The home has a current events group, but it is run by an old guy that loves Trump. Old Jews for Trump, my commie aunt couldn't handle it!

Anonymous said...

Cyndi exactly what time do you start drinking?

Geniusofdespair said...

Don't pick on our readers. Cyndi is a very lovely person who cares deeply about Florida.