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Eye on Miami Saturday Editorial August 15: Raquel Regalado and Carlos Gimenez. By Geniusofdespair

Miami Herald: Your Fall is Our Spring...


For a non-incumbent Raquel Regalado is raising a respectable amount: She is up to $182,190. You have to understand, people doing business with the County WILL NOT give her money. They are afraid of the wrath of the sitting Mayor, Carlos Gimenez even though he is not officially running (he has no campaign account). I love the fact that Raquel has dozens of $5 donations but better yet, she has something I have never seen before: $3 donations.

Here is one for the books,  Raquel Regalado interviewing Carlos Gimenez. Interesting, even though I don't understand a word of it. I heard his Spanish sucks. I don't know, it sounds okay to me.


Citizens for Effective Leadership was formed by Ernesto Martinez, Jr. recently. This PAC has raised $78,850 already. Ernesto is transferring funds from PACs he controls to other PACs he controls. That does not seem legal, if he were to get money from a PAC he does not control and put it in one he does that's different. How does he know the intent of the donor unless he is coordinating the efforts of the PACs under his control?

 Here is Citizens For Effective Leadership's report of contributions I guess Ron Book made up with Gimenez, and BFF Jorge Luis Lopez is here donating $10,000:

A lot of the same donors that gave to PAC Miami Dade Citizens for Progress.

Most of this PAC's expenses went to Hiprockstar at 15030 Monroe Street, Miami, for support and consulting. They seem to concentrate on the black population if you look at their website section "Our Work" and their Facebook page. They do marketing communications:
Creative focuses on developing and executing advertisement. This visual display conveys a clear message in layout, words, and imagery directly to the heart of your target audience. This effective tactic will embody the creative strategy, appeal, and execution style needed to strategically design an effective marketing message in an effort to persuade the consumer to take the action intended.
Here is their address in Richmond Heights (Hiprockstar looks like a big company):


He made sense in his interview Friday night. He talked about PAC's not coordinating with a candidate. He said he did not believe that for a minute. He was convinced that PAC's always I am. I hate these PAC's. Great way to funnel too much money to a candidate.


Control freak. That is a lot of shit for one visor.

Wayne's World: How could I finish without a Homestead (Hudstead) report. Here is a rare photo of Homestead over-lord Wayne Rosen and his visor or control freak items. He is once again trying to convince the community to refurbish the golf course that they were promised when they bought the property. May I remind him that Donald Soffer paid to refurbish his Turnberry golf course and Donald Trump paid for Doral. Wayne had a management agreement. I don't rightly know what is going on with this golf course but I am sure someone from Homestead can give us a report.

While all this golf course nonsense is going on... the election is being manipulated in a shake-up which appears to be trying to keep Rosen friendly people in office, i.e. getting rid of Patricia Fairclough.

I hope we can get the latest details on the golf course from residents. From the News Leader: "Flanked by a row of conceptual drawings, Gleber tried to sell residents, who poured into the golf course's club house by the dozens, a new vision to the troubled golf course, and why they should be okay paying for a recreational lease." Gleber is the only one on the condo board representing the people. He is a friend of Rosen. Rosen will not let go of control until build-out. How many years has he held on to control without letting an Association form?


Anonymous said...

The Florida Elections Commission needs to look into Ernesto Martinez and what he is doing. Clearly this is all part of a synchronized campaign strategy meant to be disguised as separate.
A complaint has to be filed by the opponents. This is the work of Gimenez cronies acting like cockroaches, when you turn the lights on (alert the public) they are gone.

youbetcha' said...

Ernie is an trust attorney and a CPA - He has lots to lose if he is screwing around with things he shouldn't. Certainly, that would make him think twice to putting everything on the line for crumbs from politicians.

Proud to be Black said...

This is offensive: A Pac for Blacks. The Hiprockstar is claiming they know the right lingo to appeal to the black vote. Gimenez is wasting his money and offending the Black population of Miami Dade County. Why do we need a company who knows how to speak in hip-hop type language. Are we considered that stupid?

Anonymous said...

$3 donations. It is a wonderful sign that the people with no money want to help Raquel Regalado get elected. The people who are neglected.

Minion said...

Redland Market Village is a combination of 3 separate corporations (including Redland Properties and Bargaintown Flea Market in Naranja) which is owned by Infante family. Redland Beer is also housed at the same location. The flea market is a hot spot on weekends for the south Dade Latin community.

Rene Infante is a political mover and was very attached to Carlos Alvarez while he was trying to get things squared away at Flea Market. Carlos disappointed him. He was also involved with Bill Losener.

He is also involved in all the CRA stuff that was happening in Naranja Lakes. When you see Larkin Hospital on PACS and along with Infante, you have to think of the CRA and community development --- Larkin is trying to build a medical center and training center in Naranja Lakes on 48 acres. They need help with that, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Wayne and Patrick are tied together. Patrick has more credibility but he behaves strangely at times. For example giving money to Merv Waldman and telling delegates Wayne can do whatever he wants with the golf course so renovations paid by your homeowners as the best option.
Patrick Gleber must make an effort to insure that the club is properly managed and marketed. Think quality for a change instead of doing things cheaply and quickly. Patrick is a hospitality pro having managed multiple establishments successfully. If that means Wayne has to subsidize operations for a few years that's what must happen until the operation can sustain itself. Wayne can subsidize dirty politicians but not the people who have made him rich? Pretty ironic if that's what he believes. What happens if nobody comes to play? Homeowners will be stuck. This happened at Fountainbleau and some Broward courses. If the delegates are defeated in upcoming elections and a new set of delegates are seated these pipe dreams go up in smoke. It is in Wayne's and Patrick's interest to perform.

Anonymous said...

The Waldman team is also behind the effort to unload Jon Burgess.

Anonymous said...

A bit surprising to see a municipal legal team in Weiss, Serota et al making cash contributions to a political committee. Appears to be somewhat unethical since their primary business is guidance to city officials who interact with their county counterparts. It would be better to remain like Switzerland and be neutral than engage in partisan politics.

Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald and it's editorial board should be ashamed of themselves that this blog is providing more information that they have no idea even exists.

This is news folks. An incumbent Mayor reaching out to crony capitalists to support his reelection by setting up multiple PACs, ECOs and CCEs to present a coordinated message all controlled by an outfit at 2655 LeJeune Road Suite 323 under the guidance of......???

Welcome to win at any cost 2015-2016.

Anonymous said...

That PAC is located in the most voter-active precincts of the county.Richmond heights

Geniusofdespair said...

Richmond Heights is not the PAC location. It is the address of the company the PAC has hired.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this PAC is doing double duty for Homestead. Except Wayne Rosen isn't on it so probably not.

Anonymous said...

Hiprockstar will probably earn ten times what that house in Richmond Heights is worth. It's all smoke, mirrors and shadows in politics.

Anonymous said...

The Richmond Heights voters are a smart group of voters. They will see through this foolishness of this PAC.
Dennis Moss will remain and appear neutral as usual.
However, I do believe Raquel needs to get into the Richmond Heights Community as soon as possible an introduce herself.

Anonymous said...

Here is what that Spanish interview is about: And yes his Spanish is bad.

The interview was done a few month after he was elected and in it he promissed to make county departments more efficient and went on and on about how residents are consumers and how he was going to change the culture at the county to serve residents and not special interests.

At the end Regalado asks him about his vision and Gimenez said that he was going to bring investments to the county to create not 1,000 jobs but 10,000 or 20,000 jobs, change the charter and make county government more efficient.

Anonymous said...

Hiprockstar is assigned to Jessica G Modkins... she does Ads and lives in Georgia. The G. stands for Garrett and by coincidence, the house is owned by Patricia Garrett who is a Richmond Heights activist (and event planner for Richmond Heights). I would think there has to be a strong linkage between Hiprockstar and Richmond Heights for the simple reason of that is where the votes are in South Dade.

Anonymous said...

There are 380 days until the County Mayoral election on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

I will keep up speaking, one-to-one, face-to-face, with my fellow residents to undermine the coming barage of commercials and BS endorcements Carlos Gimenez is lining up with his millions of lobbiests' dollars.

Now please do your part and speak up to any Miami-Dade voter who you's the only way to combat the torrential storm of purchased positive publicity that is about to be unleashed on us.

Pick any one of the many issues this Mayor has come up short. Here's a few: threats to close libraries, lack of adequate fire & police staff, the support of a mega-mall that has no viable water source, county buses without working safety equipment.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Keys Gate and Homestead. As long as Wayne Rosen supports candidates you are irrelevant. He buys whatever he needs and in most cases it is politicians and their votes. He absolutely owns Judy Waldman who has forced her husband to run and recruited the stooge Larry Meno to run. Larry is supporting Wayne Rosen's golf course plans and said so on fb.

Keep in mind Larry worked for the golf club and was part of the problem as the facility deteriorated.

Could Larry be supporting Wayne Rosen with the intent of getting a future job by being Rosen's crony now?

Why should residents pay Rosen for his commercial venture?

Larry the shill writes his reasoning below. I guess Larry disagreed with having a great facility when he managed the operation.

Fellow homeowners,
There has been much said about the controversy surrounding the recent purchase of the Keys Gate Golf Course by a group led by Wayne Rosen. As a resident in the Fairways, I wanted to share my thoughts and support for working with the developer to ensure that our home values and quality of life are protected for years to come. First, I truly believe that having a first class clubhouse, pool, and other country club amenities will be a tremendous asset to us all. Not only will that type of facility enhance our property values and marketability, the City of Homestead and all of its residents will benefit from having a newly remodeled facility and golf course.
As with most country club environments there is a nominal fee for homeowners and typically a membership offered to outside guests which offsets the costs making it better for surrounding homeowners. Many of us who purchased in the area did so because of the course and I for one want to keep it that way.
There has also been much said about the developer closing the back 9 and building more homes on the course. If you look at it from the developers prospective, it isn’t really financially beneficial with a lower cost unit and higher density with so much residential inventory in the Keys Gate DRI already. The higher end product offering and density of approximately 600 units already available to the developer makes for a well planned community and it is best to stop the infighting amongst neighbors and work with the delegates and the developer to come to an amicable agreement that would be fair for everyone.
We need a new and improved golf course, we need a redeveloped, state of the art country club facility so we can continue to enjoy living in our community.

Larry Meno

The only organized group against Rosen is the Keys Gate Residents Association.

Anonymous said...

The house in Richmond Heights:

"Patricia Harper Garrett & Jessica Garrett Modkins

A mother-daughter duo made preserving the historic details of Richmond Heights their mission for Miami’s Richmond Heights. Author, Patricia Harper Garrett is serving her 2nd term as the Florida Democratic Committeewoman for Precinct 802 and has had her roots in Richmond Heights since 1956 while an Elementary school student. As a fourth-generation school educator, she retired from Miami-Dade County public schools after 35 years of service."

Anonymous said...

The Keys Gate delegates are under the thumb of the KGCA. As delegate you will be seen as "fighting the man" if you have a contrarian opinion. Most of the votes are unanimous but that doesn't even matter. The KGCA will do what they want anyway with or without a vote. When a delegate needs KGCA cash for a project in their particular community the delegate's vote will be remembered.

On the Richmond Heights democratic committee woman working for Gimenez, one has to wonder if Dennis Moss is afraid of Raquel Regalado? That introduction has not happened by accident.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think this Richmond Heights deal is an absentee ballot buying scheme?
You have a long time Democrat Committee member who wrote a book about the history of Richmond Heights. She knows everybody who casts a ballot. Thousands of dollars are going to be ahh, what's the term, cleansed through her daughter and HIP ROCK STAR and this is how it's done after the Hialeah and Sweetwater dumbasses screwed it up for Al Lorenzo and company. This version is clever.
Richmond Heights is the new absentee ballot operation and somebody ought to pin a medal on Ernesto Martinez and Jorge Luis Lopez for making it so obvious. Reminder millions of dollars worth of contracts flow through the 29th floor of County Hall. This PAC's operation is money well spent and if not for G.O.D. we would have been none the wiser as to how it happened on election day 2016.

Anonymous said...

Patricia Garrett are you really willing to sell out your community and your soul? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

We need a strond democrat or real independent to run for County Mayor. Who's viable?

Anonymous said...

God there is so much false information on this it's historical. Most of the leadership in the anti-Rosen golf course movement our realtors. If Wayne decides not to move on with the project, he will let the property rot, eventually ripping it all up, and turning into houses. He owns the land, not the homeowners. The homeowners haven't owned the property in almost two decades. The anti-Rosen movement only has self-interest in flipping potential luxury properties. When you call them out on it, they won't deny it. I've seen it in their community rally meetings in the home of Bill Thibault. The Keys Gate and Homestead community has it in their best interest to have this golf course is built.

Anonymous said...

This golf course will be a commercial operation. Rosen will get the money, Rosen will get homeowner money to maintain the facility. The homeowners get a whimsical statement that says your home values will increase.
So far it is a win win win for Rosen. Rosen will not open the books for the homeowners when the day comes that he once again closes the golf course and he will say I tried but the community did not support the place so I will build 20 units per acre on the 150 acres.
That's right 3,000 more homes, more crime, more traffic, more police and infrastructure paid for by more taxes and higher utility rates siphoned into the GF for the council to play with.
Rosen negotiates like Fidel Castro does with Cuban dissidents and then declares the community had input, which it did not, and then will say the community out negotiated him, while they remain locked up behind gates with their "delegates".
The only hope is the golf course is a huge success because Thibault, Van Name and the rest are not going to like hearing sirens 24/7 once East Florida City gets built.
The KGRA needs to hold Rosen's feet to the fire on the actual golf course quality and club amenities just some free advice.

Anonymous said...

I must say after reading the opinion of a person that's never been successful politically or professionally I have to laugh . I'm very surprised you ever passed the bar the first thing they teach you is have your facts straight . For the record I was a member of Keysgate golf course when it was managed by five different managers who were all successful on a beer budget . I must say after reading your comments there's no doubt in my mind you don't know what you're talking about nor do you care about the community of Keysgate . The golf course failures have nothing to do with the managers that Have managed the facility , they are all successful in their current endeavors unlike you more importantly the Thompson's from Indiana who owned it never put the proper money into the course to maintain it ,basically a tax write off for them . Guess the reason you have so much time on your hand to critique the Keysgate community is because you have a failing law firm . My question to you counselor is where's your buddy a councilman for Keysgate as you can see there's a lot of concern about the community and future of Keysgate that's right he's a no-show like everything else . Next time you want to have a seat at the big boy table I suggest you pull your pants up and do your homework and know all the facts because we're tired of your opinion ,as far as I'm concerned you can keep it on your side of the tracks .

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for my post that I wrote The real story should have the opportunity to be heard .

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day we all know what the funds collected for the listed PAC are supposed to do- generate absentee ballots for the Gimenez political machine. And how will that be accomplished? By hiring unscrupulous individuals throughout the county to steal absentee ballots from the sick, aged and indigent in this county. Just as Al Lorenzo organized a collection center in Hialeah for the 2012 campaign to help Gimenez win, this PAC is intended to collect ballots in the African American Richmond Heights neighborhood. Business as usual for Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the cast of degenerates who pick up crumbs and survive on his table scraps.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of this PAC is to pay for absentee ballots in the Richmond Heights area period. Shame on Gimenez and all those listed for their willingness to sell out our democracy by stealing votes for a corrupt candidate.

Anonymous said...

We would not be in this predicament if Katherine Fernandez Rundle would have investigated Gimenez and his campaign manager Al Lorenzo for absentee ballot fraud in 2012. The problem is Al Lorenzo was ALSO her campaign manager in 2012. Fine county we live in.

Anonymous said...

First, there is so much BS on here about Rosen and the Homestead Community it hurts to read. Rosen loves Patricia so who ever said he is trying to oust her is crazy. Look at the money. Rosen also will not be involved in the Waldman campaign cause he like Schiver and other historic supporters has had enough of Judy's begging and whining. Larry Meno has no chance in hell even though Jon "no show" Burgess sucks even worse. But someone should run against him cause he really sucks and doesn't do much for anything related to Homestead. Rosen will fix the golf course because it makes sense to him for the remaining homes. He already has enough homes to build in Keysgate. The Larry Roth Crew is the one to worry about he has already lost once and thinks he can buy his way back by donating minuscule amounts of money from the charity he started and makes money on himself i believe. He like Bill and Sue and the other Keyes Realtors are the ones backed by Linda Bell and lord knows we are tired of her and Losner. Get over it. Things are happening if you like it or not. Vote for Porter, (cause no one else is running) Burgess (cause no one else worth a shit is running) who cares about the Villages it doesn't matter they all suck and Patricia cause actually she is good and should run for Mayor herself.

Anonymous said...

That golf course was never successful. If it were called a cow pasture cows would be insulted. It's always been a rattrap.

Wayne bought it got rid of the rats and snakes and will now work on the remaining vermin infesting the actual course and clubhouse.
Good luck keeping the surrounding neighborhoods pest free as the critters seek shelter soon as they begin moving in the heavy equipment.
Shiver not backing a whiner? Hello pot let me introduce you to kettle.

Anonymous said...

Schiver or Shiver cutting ties with Waldman is news. That must have happened after the petition failed despite the efforts of Daddy R.S. Clampett and daughter Ellie May. Nothing worse than the Homestead version of Shrillary on the warpath. How do you think Merv was treated?

Anonymous said...

$10,000 from Jorge Luis Lopez, the lobbyist for the Miami Heat. Is that hush money to keep the public off Parcel B?

Anonymous said...

It's no secret Shiver pushed Larry Meno to run against Burgess. Burgess better start campaigning. He is not a shoe-in. He is never around and when he is walks around with a chip on his shoulder. Larry Meno is out there knocking on doors already. Larry Meno and Judy Waldman are BFF's. Thought Shiver was Judy's friend too...but then again does Shiver know the true meaning of friendship? Only acceptable candidate running against Merv is Larry Roth. Wayne trying to oust Patrica - never. Should be an interesting election cycle in Homestead.

Anonymous said...

Larry Roth an acceptable candidate against Merv Waldman? Are you kidding me? A
simple background check with Miami Dade County shows that Roth has been arrested
twice with felony charges. One for breaking into an unoccupied house, the other
Grand Larceny. He been sued by credit card companies, bankruptcy, eviction,
sued by his two homeowner associations and so much more.
When you check
Monroe County, he has three arrests, all different dates. DUI, Reckless Driving,
and one for installing illegal police equipment in his car. This guy is a
criminal and certainly not capable of handling the city's finance.
should be ashamed to try and fool the Homestead residents.
Merv Waldman? A
Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, graduate of one of the big 10 schools.
Community volunteer, he has the whole package.
BTW, check Roth's treasurer's
report. Wayne Rosen is his biggest supporter. Same with Patricia. One more
thing, Patricia is supporting Roth. What does that say about her
Roth should be taken to task to think that the Homestead voters
would fall for his scam.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Judy for that update. Let it go, honey, your day is done. your 78 year old husband is not the answer to Homestead's future. He might be the best friend your bank account ever had but not good for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Those are fighting words ^^^ Roth doesn't strike me as a hardened criminal. The proof is in the pudding.