Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Carlos Gimenez's PAC "Miami Dade Residents First" Reported $100,925 for July. By Geniusofdespair

  • The Head Tilting Mayor: He was saying "Great for the City" when he did his tell.

Carlos Gimenez's PAC has raised $1,336,877 over a year out of the election. If as Carlos once told me: "Money is the mother's milk of a campaign" then he is getting all the milk he needs to cremate the other candidates and he hasn't even opened a campaign account.

The expense on this PAC is what interests me. They spent $54,210 in July and and $64,606 in June. Why are they spending so early in the campaign? To keep everyone else at bay. Common Sense Now got a contribution of $25,000 from the PAC. That was his former PAC. Why? They paid one bill from this PAC, to Consulting Associates Group out of Pembroke Pines. It is a recently formed corporation and Horacio Delgado is the President. He is an auditor. Why not pay him from the other PAC? Is he auditing Raquel Regalado?

Dario Moreno got $9,488 (he is the pollster) on 7/6 and and on 6/8 got $15,300. What is he on retainer?

Committee Patton Boggs PAC out of Washington DC gave $2,000. McDonald Hopkins, a Republican PAC out of Ohio gave $500. Southern Wine and Spirits gave $10,000. Intertex Apparel, LTD from NYC gave $10,000. Here is more on Intertex, you won't believe this one:

The U.S. Justice Department and three apparel importers settled a customs fraud case that saw goods manufactured in China falsely labeled as made in Korea or Russia, and sold as such in the United States at Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Family Dollar Stores, Kohls and Marshalls stores.

The benefit to the subterfuge was that the importers—Intertex Apparel Group, J.J. Basics and Ben’s Clothing—could evade quotas on goods manufactured in China and dodge customs fees by under-valuing “the actual cost for those goods charged by the Chinese manufacturers,” according to the U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York.The case was developed by a whistleblower who worked in China for Intertex.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Didn't Carlos Gimenez recently speak to the Obama administration by phone about our voting problems in the past and how the problems were fixed?  "During the call, he cited “Significant issues and disruptions” in 2012 that made voting a “very uncomfortable and a very lengthy process.”

Did he mention that he caused part of the problem by closing early voting locations and limiting hours and days of operation which caused massive lines?  Remember our election chief is under the Mayor and all decisions are his, no matter what anyone else says. Will he put Lester Sola back in when Penny Townsley leaves?


Anonymous said...

I heard they hired private investigators to follow her around and look into her past. Carlos is very afraid.

Anonymous said...

A Chinese apparel company? What are they doing, getting New York addresses, hire a few locals so they can Funnel money to our politicians like Genting did. These are foreign companies.

tac123 said...

I'm no fan of Gimenez, but he was not responsible for the early voting disaster. That must be hung on Gov. Scott.

Geniusofdespair said...

Miami Herald

Elections officials, overwhelmed with voters, locked the doors to their Doral headquarters and temporarily shut down the operation, angering nearly 200 voters standing in line outside — only to resume the proceedings an hour later.

On the surface, officials blamed technical equipment and a lack of staff for the shutdown. But behind the scenes, there was another issue: Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

The Republican had never signed off on the additional in-person absentee voting hours in the first place.

“That was counter to what I said on Friday, which was we were not going to change the game mid-stream,” he said. “I said, ‘No, there’s no way we did this.’”

But Gimenez, who is in a nonpartisan post, quickly realized it was better to let the voting go on, and the voting resumed.

The mayor said he found out early Sunday afternoon — from his daughter-in-law — about the extra voting hours.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/article1944258.html#storylink=c

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your following the money. Everytime you shed light on where the money is derived, Mayor McMeanie has to refund the donation or be embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Penny Townsley was the Supervisor of Elections during the 2012 election day debacle. Townsley was in charge of early voting locations and she chose not to increase the number, even after the 2008 crowds. She was the official who was supposed to redraw the precinct lines and she didnt.

This is what happens when unqualified people are appointed high level positions without a competitive process.

Geniusofdespair said...

Penny can't do one thing without running it by the Mayor's staff.

Gimleteye said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

The longer I live in Miami-Dade County the more I realize that our local citizens suffer from a severe case of amnesia. While we address the voting issues of 2012 and Gimenez's role or that of his employees Sola or Townsend we fail to identify the pink elephant in the room. Does anybody else in this county remember the absentee ballot fraud committed by Mayor Carlos Gimenez's campaign manager Al Lorenzo in 2012? Do they not remember that Lorenzo hired unscrupulous absentee ballot collectors in the city of Hialeah to collect absentee ballots from the elderly, sick and mentally ill? Are we naive enough not to think that Al Lorenzo did not use the monies in Gimenez's well funded PACs to pay for absentee ballots throughout the entire county? What's worse, in that same election Al Lorenzo was working as campaign manager for State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle! Imagine that, our State Attorney and our county mayor elected based on illegally collected absentee ballots in 2012!
If this was any other county in the nation, the federal government would have conducted an indepth investigation and the entire scheme would have been exposed! For once, we would have uncovered the names of every politician who benefits from such illicit activities and it does not stop at Gimenez and Fernandez-Rundle, it also includes judges, state reps. and even presidential candidates! If instead of a rag of a local newspaper we would have had local press with the true intent to expose absentee ballot fraud and the role of the listed officials, there would have been enough pressure to force the Feds to act but of course, The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald also benefit from the advertisement paid by those sickening PACs and there was no desire to expose the fraudulent conduct.
Have we forgotten how Gimenez responded to the absentee ballot scandal? He decimated Miami Dade Police Department's Public Corruption Unit, yes the same unit that uncovered the absentee ballot fraud. Was that not the action of a tyrant caught with his pants down? History repeats itself and guess what? the monies in Gimenez's PAC will be utilized for any purpose needed to ensure a win- and that includes absentee ballot fraud. It serves us right, for not having a civic minded community and for permitting megalomaniacs like Gimenez to laugh in our faces as he picks our tax dollars from our pockets and hands them to his lobbyist friends.

Geniusofdespair said...

Thank you Gimleteye. I thought so too. Some of my best posts get lost in the shuffle, like the Demetrio Perez post. The crap, people like my crap. They are now viewing, about a thousand last count, a February 2013 post about how big Marco Rubio's ears are.