Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay John Dubois: Oh the Web we Weave in Miami Dade County. By Geniusodespair

John Dubois is back using lawsuits to solve his apparent distaste for the way Derm pursues mangrove protection. He is now suing in Federal Court instead of Civil Court. This time he is suing Jack Osterholt (deputy Mayor) and Lee Hefty (head of DERM). Above is the lawsuit. In Federal Court he refers to the the Constitution -- discrimination. Read it for yourself. Civil Rights? John Dubois? Interesting.  Apparently he might have a lawyer a few years out of law school on retainer, who might be using a UPS Store address in this document, mail box 107, 1845 South Dixie Highway, Cutler Bay.

Excerpt from the case as Dubois's attorney described it.
 You will remember a few months ago, Dubois had raised eyebrows in Palmetto Bay for holding a fundraiser for an accused sex offdender he had as his houseguest (he is not a house guest anymore):
Dubois not only has given Junior Kowlessar shelter. The Palmetto Bay News reports he held a fundraiser at his home on the bay to raise money for Junior Kowlessar’s defense.
CBS Video of John Dubois at the time.


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This attorney pop's up in many of Dubois and friends lawsuits. If you look at the end of the document, the address used by the attorney is an address used by Dubois for many of his business ventures.

Anonymous said...

DERM cannot be bought and paid for like local city politicians can. Last step of regulation that developers would like to do away with. All those sewer and water hookup fees are never paid for in some tourist cities. The art and skill of the one time waiver.

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If you read that entire document it looks like all of DuBois' neighbors got a free pass from DERM and they only really came after him after he criticized them. An environmental expert says there are no violations on his property too. What is he supposed to do?

Geniusofdespair said...

Remember, it is Dubois's document. It would be written with a bias towards him.

Anonymous said...

The sad part about all of this is that DuBois will more than likely be re-elected in PB.