Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Bendixen and Amandi Miami Dade County Mayoral Poll. By Geniusofdespair

Head Tilted Mayor.
Polls can be misleading.

The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald didn't pay for the poll they reported on -- even though they called it their poll. It was GIVEN TO THEM. Oops (afternoon) now they won't confirm or deny it was given to them. So this $15,000 poll was done by Bendixen and Amandi out of the goodness of their heart and then given to the Miami Herald free? Nope. Today 7/20  I found out the Miami Herald did pay for it. The polling company confirmed that.

The Miami Herald did NOT know they had an ad running in the Miami Herald during the same time the poll was taken and there were radio ads on Univision. The print ad was sponsored by the Business Action League a non-profit (advocating for a candidate) out of Bonita Springs. The address: Phony, here is what I found about the address (it is advertised as a drop box) like my virtual dog/cat smokey, it is not real:
• Local professional business address
• Includes 1 complimentary online notary to complete required US Postal Form 1583
• Use of address for business cards, licensing, website, etc.
• Mail Receipt
• Mail forwarding (additional fee)
The Bogus Ad from the Miami Herald out of Bonita Springs (NOT MIAMI). Obviously geared towards African Americans. Why only the Miami Herald? Why not the Miami Times? Stupid ad too. Wouldn't fool anyone. Is the Miami Herald pimping itself out for ads? Why didn't they disclose they DID NOT PAY FOR THE POLL? Also Univision radio ads were run at the same time during the poll. Would these ads skew the results? I think polling voters and not likely voters will skew the results for sure. 
(Another blog TOOK my photoshopped ad without giving us credit - I resized  it)

The Miami Herald reported: 600 voters (not likely voters, the 4's and 5's who would vote in August) were polled, 43% of respondents (258 people) opted not to pick a candidate. So out of 342 voters, 40%  picked Mayor Gimenez. 17% of 342 picked Raquel Regalado.

So 60% of voters  are not supporting Carlos Gimenez. The voters polled gave Gimenez a 50 percent job approval rating, they are obviously uninformed and selfish. One respondent said about traffic for that big ass, wet dream mall with submarines in rock pits:

Sara Rodriguez, 49-year-old banker in Kendall, was one of the respondents who supported the mall. “I think it’s a good idea. It will bring some jobs to the area,” she said. And the added traffic? “I live in Kendall,” she said. “It’s going to be far away from here.”
Good to know you care about your County neighbors Sara. So it is a good idea, as long as it is not NEAR you?  If they were putting it near you, I would suppose you might be out holding a protest sign about traffic. And I guess you didn't listen to the county meeting when the developer mentioned part time jobs?

Anyway, as I said before, the Mayor is NOW doing and saying all the right things to be reelected. But as the Who lyrics say: I Won't Get Fooled Again.

P.S. Business Action League:
Consultant, Republican operative, James E. Murphy at 9275 Hollow Pine Drive, Bonita Springs incorporated the League. It also has a Washington address:

601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 1000N
Washington, DC 20004

Jim Murphy, Co-Chairman
Jim served as President and Managing Partner at DCI Group, one of the country’s largest independent public affairs firms. During his 15 years of association with DCI, he provided strategic and management consulting advice to some of the country’s leading corporations and trade associations.
His client activity included serving clients in the telecommunications, gaming, financial services and sugar industries. His management responsibilities as President focused on Finance and Accounting, Legal and HR functions.
From 2002 to 2007, he headed DCI’s national network of grassroots, PR and government affairs consultants – a team that grew to 1,100 nationwide. From 2008 through mid-2012, he ran the day-to-day operations of the company, which grew to 160 employees.
Jim left DCI to run the Republican National Committee’s Independent Expenditure campaign on behalf of Romney for President– a $45 million dollar paid media effort in battleground states.
Prior to joining DCI, Jim headed JLM Consulting, serving both political and corporate clients from 1987 through 2002.


Anonymous said...

Gimenez should be above this kind of ad. Why is he doing this? I was going to vote for him but if he is playing dirty I will not.

Anonymous said...

I want the American Dream Mall. I am tired of driving to Sawgrass.

Anonymous said...

Above anon , sawgrass is a nice mall , the point is why more malls when in Miami Dade county there are a dozen of them , can't they just buy out several and modernize it to the likeing of the American Dream mall , we don't need to be building out and adding more traffic to an already horribly bad nightmare here. We need to fix out internal infrastructure and modernize not build out .

Destiny said...

Good reporting Genius, glad you are back for this one.

Anonymous said...

It appears some big money is trying to keep Mayor Giminez in their pocket. The way these political action committees are allowed to operate is a travesty.
Please don't vote for politicians that are shills for the rich, powerful, and connected developers, lawyers, and lobbyists. They always seem to want things that the public winds up paying for and they reap the money.
Think before you vote, don't vote against your interests.

Anonymous said...

As a Haitian American, I find the ad offensive. They know Liberty Square residents don't read the Miami Herald. What do they really want? What are they trying to do? I think the ad actually hurts Jimenez.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez has been a huge disappointment, as least to citizens. I suppose if Gimenez and his flunkies helped get someone a huge contract they will love him and continue investing in his campaign. WTF Jose Luis Lopez? That dude sure hates the public.

Anonymous said...

A blessing on you for figuring out this and trailing it like a hound dog.

Anonymous said...

Although 60% of the voters aren't supporting Gimenez (like you say), they aren't supporting Regalado either

Geniusofdespair said...

If they were a meaningful sample of likely voters, not voters, I might be more worried. Voters don't know Raquel.

Anonymous said...

The ads are a mystery that must be solved by the newspaper. They know who signed the check.

Anonymous said...

Great reporting. I read the article this morning and was disheartened. Gimenez is just disgusting. The last thing we need is another mall that focuses on low wage earning jobs. Instead of looking for opportunities to elevate income and intellect, he sinks to lowest common denominator. Such a waste of power.

Anonymous said...

Every time Raquel opens her mouth another batch of voters go to Gimenez. I am hopeful Joe Martinez gets in the race. Raquel likes to bark but says very little.
This is big city politics now, not school board kiss the superintendents ring nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Every time Gimenez opens his mouth a lie comes out.

Luis/Louise does it matter? said...

Big city politics? Are you serious or seriously dillusional? Gimenez is a country bumpkin not a big city politician. He was suppose to be a strong mayor but he can't handle anything. How many vice mayors does he have?

And Martinez was a cop not a big city anything. A little snake of a cop. Get your facts straight. What is he living on now, his security company fees.

Gifted said...

I know a lot of the commenters are thinking this is the "Miami usual". But this is a BIG deal.

A poll for Gimenez is conducted by pollster and herald. At the same time a shell company buys an advertising at the herald benefiting Gimenez.

At the very least there is a (paid) leak somewhere and Bendixen/Herald need to figure it out. But there is also a chance that the Herald knew. This ad was on the bottom of the last page of the Herald.

Still in a haze without my coffee but I was catching up on the weeks news and was shocked. Great work Genius.

Juan said...

Clearly this poll was a set up.. the timing of it to coincide with the Gimenez PR onslaught is Donald Segretti type dirty politics stuff..sounds a lot like Lopez’s work..
It is 13 months away from the election..the timing of this “so-called poll’ is to discourage candidates from jumping in the race. land to discourage potential campaign contributors. if another candidates jumps into the race it will be increasingly difficult for his “excellency” to garner the 50% plus one needed to avoid a run off in the November general election..If the election goes to a run off during the presidential election a creditable moderate candidate could win. Clinton currently leads all candidates in the current polls (again 13 month out) in Miami Dade County. The turnout in Presidential race will favor a democrat for President and at least a moderate candidate for Mayor..not slash and burn shifty eyed Gimenez. He has all of a sudden gotten “religion” because I”m sure his internal polls are telling him to try and avoid a run off as much as possible. If Gimenez is to be stopped a creditable third candidate(or more) need to jump in this race.. Phil Levine..Manny Diaz..Xavier ..are you listening...

Anonymous said...

Gimenez's election of 2012 is built up on the absentee ballet fraud committed by his campaign manager Al Lorenzo. To look beyond that crime for other reasons as to why we should not vote for Gimenez is senseless. He committed election fraud, it was covered up by his equally corrupt slate mate Kathy Fernandez Rundle and he survived because of all the powerful interests that receive juicy county contracts. That is the legacy of Carlos Gimenez.

Anonymous said...

I knew that pol was bs from the second I heard of it on WLRN. Of course, they are now a PR firm as well, so they did not bother researching it. BUT YOU DID- GOOD JOB!