Friday, July 24, 2015

Mayor Gimenez: THE PEOPLE WANT REAL JOBS. By Geniusofdespair

Mall Job

Ho hum, the Mayor's new mantra is Jobs. Always he starts off with Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Where ever he goes it is jobs because it polls well. He says jobs but what he really means is menial jobs not good jobs. He fired librarians and other workers doing meaningful things, people happy in their jobs, and replaced them with part time people with no job security. Carlos Gimenez is a GOOD job killer not creator.

People, don't get old you will be out on the street. You will have to then do the hiring of some young person to do your texting, as your arthritic hands will be too swollen to do much of anything.

Exactly what is a job? Most people spend more time at their job than they do with their families. What does this mean? It means a job can't only be about money because life becomes meaningless, especially when the job pays a wage you can hardly scrape by on.  It has to be a job that gives one pride, accomplishment and self worth. I am sorry, most Mall jobs are not going to give you that. You might as well be invisible. Without some sort of training, technical or otherwise, you are headed for a shit mall job.  So when Mayor Gimenez says JOBS: What he is really saying is shit jobs.  He is not bringing in jobs that one cares to boast about to others. He is bringing in jobs that people are forced to take to survive. Service jobs like wiping the ass and diapering some old lady in a nursing home for $9 an hour. Have you every seen an old lady ass? I am still having nightmares having seen my mother-in-law's. It was frightening. So, I don't want to hear about jobs from Mayor Gimenez. He is not talking about careers, just illusions of $9 an hour windfall work that you wouldn't want to do on your worst day.  And imagine doing it for about fifty years. And that is if you are lucky.

When Barbara Jordan questioned the owner of the American Wet Dream Mall about jobs, he was pretty honest WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW DAMN IT.
Bored, wasted talent.

Faceless, unnoticed by everyone.

Store Clerk? She is there, all the way in the back on the right near the yellow shirt. She might as well be invisible.

Mall Kingpin.

The Ghermezian Patriarch didn't promise 25,000 jobs at the mall he is building, as Gimenez wants you to think, somehow that number even got in the newspaper. Listen to how Ghermezian complains when the subject of jobs comes up. He says in relation to jobs, don't create any problems for me (Hit on the video).

 In fact, in the contract to get the land, Ghermezian promised 12,500 (NOT 25,000) "part-time" and permanent jobs by 2030. That is 15 years from now folks.

Ghermezian did not want anyone looking over his shoulder to guarantee those jobs  -- as Jordan was requesting. He got pretty excited about not guaranteeing anything about jobs. Nothing, nada.

Do we want these kinds of jobs for our County citizens? Most, Gimenez is talking about, offer no security, low pay, no self-esteem and no sense of accomplishment. And, let's face it, most of the better mall jobs are reserved for the young and attractive. What they do is, offer you an air-conditioned work space for an unspecified time to be bored out of your mind. Can't we do better than that? These are the type of jobs that cause our college graduates to flee Miami. Adding retail jobs is like telling college graduates that this place is not for you. Mayor Gimenez brags about cutting professional public sector jobs, jobs that require education and training and provide a career opportunity, while he goes about dumbing down our workforce. Expect the "brain drain" to continue to separate families as the "kids" seek greener pastures.

Adding to the brain drain, the County is now implementing succession planning for senior staff and they are bringing the replacements in earlier to train them. So lets say you are retiring in 2017, they are advertising your job now.

Other cities that increased their minimum wage are doing better than those that didn't. We fall down in every aspect of real jobs for real people that want to work and be proud of what they do.

Do you know where you can stick your job mantra,  Mayor Gimenez? And as a former union man, now making hundreds of thousands of dollars, you have a lot of nerve criticizing unions.  You should be ashamed. They provide dignity to a worker.

Don't be fooled again! 


Anonymous said...

You got it. When I hear jobs repeated over and over I get sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

We do here a lot about jobs and very little about careers in Miami Dade County. Such a shame.

Anonymous said...

Our Mayor's answer is quantity over quality. One of his of 2014 ideas was to lay off full-time librarians and then rehire
these professionals for their created-on-the-fly, part-time, no benefits positions. The threat just create a brain drain that
benefited MDC, FIU, BCPL, and libraries across the county. The county was left huge gaps in staffing levels.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the Mayor and County Commission make it mandatory to have call centers for Miami Businesses in the 305 area code. Donald Trump is right, too many good mid level jobs are sent over-seas. They are getting richer and our workforce is left sweeping up cigarette butts.

Anonymous said... pre-2000. I guess Gimenez doesn't use the same day Amazon service that has a giant warehouse in Doral.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you but at the same time, jobs like the guy sitting at the sunglass stand and the guy pushing the cleaning cart are also needed.
If I want to go buy a pair of glasses, somebody has to be working as a store clerk. And all those stores do need management personnel and they all hire ad agencies and require accountants and attorneys and designers.
I guess I'm a little unclear as to the types of positions, other than librarians, that you're advocating for.
Someone commented about call centers. Is sitting at a desk with a headset trying to resolve an erroneous credit card charge, or helping someone get their cable hook-up appt much more of a job than a store clerk?

Anonymous said...

The cities that raised minimum wages and states that keep up funding for education are doing much better in creating jobs that states like Kansas and Wisconsin were unions were busted and governments and universities budgets cut.
We have an opportunity to improve Miami Dade into a real community of educated people staying in the area where good jobs exist. So far I don't see the economic development monies being used for that. Instead it is only for malls, skyrise, etc. We need leaders with a vision to attract companies and startups that can have middle class jobs for the community.

Geniusofdespair said...

I am talking about higher paying jobs for the residents that give them some hope for their future. The guy selling sunglasses is needed but I'll bet he works part time and has no benefits. Mall and stadium jobs can't be our only jobs. And yes a call center job has meaning. You are helping and talking to people and I would suppose you have some expertise in what you are talking about. My sister has a call center job and has fascinating stories to tell. She likes her job.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the median income about $36,000 for Miami Dade County? Not much.

Anonymous said...

GImenez has that "Employ Miami" scam going with the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) who are "going door to door" looking for people to train for temporary labor jobs. ABC is the same group that sued the county to strike down minority programs for local contractors. So, our mayor is going door to door in poor neighborhoods hunting for cheap labor with the people who made sure no minority-owned business would have a shot at making money and creating wealth for their families. Look up the term hypocrite in the dictionary, and you will see a picture of our mayor.

Anonymous said...

So excellent. This mega mall may be the worst thing yet. We’ve been to the Mall of the Americase in Minneapolis. It is way too big and Miami needs something bigger? I have a sad story about mall jobs. The woman who was a manager of the Miami office of a huge national law firm when I went to work there, is now working part-time at a women’s store in Dadeland. She’s in her 70's, divorced a long time ago, but can’t afford to retire. After she left the law firm where we worked together, she went to another big law firm that later declared bankruptcy. She is working at this women’s clothing store because she has to work to survive. They only hire part time help and the pay is crappy.

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Gimenez is an idiot. It is very sad.