Sunday, July 12, 2015

Campaigns: Carlos Gimenez's PAC and Wayne Rosen Gives Heavily To Barbara Jordan and Dennis Moss. By Geniusofdespair

Let's Look at Carlos Gimenez's Campaign Expense Again for his PAC MIAMI DADE RESIDENTS FIRST
A hotel stay at the Empire is $309 per night ($278.19 when discounted). I don't know how they got to New York City from the Airport and back for $41.16. That sounds like a one way ride to me. Gimenez got a $20,000 donation from the owners of this hotel Amsterdam. One reader said, after reading the 7 page expose on (Amsterdam and its owners) in New York Magazine:
Now we know how Gimenez plans to eliminate homelessness in downtown Miami: invite the slumlords of New York to buy up properties that can warehouse the downtrodden. His PAC took a $20,000 check from a New York family run business that specializes in exploiting government programs to house the homeless. That should grease the wheels for the New Yorkers to bring their brand of caring for the homeless to Miami. And Gimenez will be at the airport to greet them. He probably has Osterholdt looking for run down apartment complexes that will fit their slimy business model. How does a PAC spend over $1,000 for a night at a $180 a room hotel? Was there a delegation traveling with the Mayor? Or, did they treat themselves to the Champagne Room? This is a some sick stuff. Why worry about poop on the streets when the mayor is putting out the welcome mat for some real pieces of shit?
Now I am wondering what that multiple hour long homeless meeting WAS REALLY ABOUT. Apparently the Mayor has been in touch with these New York slumlords  developers.

County Commissioner Barbara Jordan's Campaign Report

Commissioner Dennis Moss's Campaign Report

Plenty of money in both Miami Dade County Campaign Reports from Wayne Rosen Developer and (who seems to be Homestead's OVERLORD). Land Baron, Shores etc.  is Wayne Rosen as well. County Commissioner Dennis Moss also got a windful of Marlin's Money. Look at addresses as well as names.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Homeless Trust has anything to do with this group so they can compete with Camillus House?

Geniusofdespair said...

I think not, the Mayor was doing the head tilt tell during the meeting, while talking to Ron Book the head of the Trust. I think it is a triple-cross.

Anonymous said...

nothing to do with post but just a reminder these two are cheerleaders for stadium deals.
once again we're publicly pilloried by national media

Anonymous said...

Connect the dots. Commissioner Barbara Jordan's brother is Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace. Enough said.