Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Urgent Request For Phone Calls NOW ... by gimleteye

A commisioner may be trying to block a Miami-Dade County resolution by Commissioners Levine and Sosa urging the Florida Legilsature to set aside $500 million in Amendment 1 funding.

Juan Zapata has just pulled the resolution urging the Florida legislature to set aside $500 million in Amendment 1 funding for purchase of environmentally sensitive lands like those offered by US Sugar through an option to purchase that expires in October.

As we have written: BUY THE LAND. For the future of 8 million residents of South Florida who depend on the Everglades for drinking water!

Please send your emails now to:

Email: bianca@miamidade.gov

Ask Ms. Bianca Caviglia, Director of Legislative Policy, District 11, to release item 11A25!

The sugar industry has been spreading disinformation non-stop on this issue. What a shame that a member of the Miami-Dade county commission is lining up against the public interest. This is also about Miami-Dade's future!

IT PASSED 7 to 5. Bovo, Zapata, Pepe, Souto and Monestime voted against it. Jean, Jean, Jean --- I hate your voting record. Who are you listening to, Pepe?


cyndi said...

It passed?

Anonymous said...

Jean Monestine has aligned with the shady members of the BCC. This is the reason he is the new chair. Monestine is a JOKE>

Anonymous said...

Boy, Monestime has been going downhill fast. He is being told how to vote by too many sleazy lobbyists.