Friday, June 26, 2015

Move the UDB Line? Not on this one. By Geniusofdespair

Over 800 Acres with our wellfield in the middle of it?
Alfonso, Alberto and Maria Cordoba of Key Biscayne want to move the Urban Development Boundary for a small city. It is actually a very stupid idea with our wellfield right there. They have submitted an application for a Comprehensive Development Plan ammendment. I already reported on the application. Yesterday Doug Hanks had a front page article about it  (good luck finding the Miami Herald link -- Hank put it in comments if you can find it). It was a good article.

I have to think that the Cordoba's are extremely rich to waste their money on lawyers and lobbyists for this development. I don't see it happening. I was in touch with Commissioner Juan Zapata yesterday and he appeared not to be in favor of it. The mayor has to veto it because of Raquel Regalado's overwhelming support from Hispanics. The mayor needs the white non-Hispanics desperately. You need a super majority to begin with and then, of course, with the Mayor's veto you need one more.  So rich people, what are you doing? Usually they know they have the votes before they go forward.  My handicap now is:
Bovo, Souto, Diaz, Jordan, Barreiro will vote Yes.
Levine-Cava, Edmonson, Moss, Heyman, Suarez, Sosa and Zapata will vote no.

I don't get it. Even if I am wrong on one or two, they need 8.

Is this her? Strange choice of a photo for a business profile.

The Cordoba's are single family home builders living on Key Biscayne. Well, their office is there so I assume they live there  when they are not in Argentina.


Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the article Doug Hanks wrote:

It took a lot of digging. I wonder when will the Herald improve their useless Search bar... ugh...

Anyway, yes, this application is ridiculous. I hope to see some of your "yes" votes come over to the "no" votes. I think Barreiro and Jordan might vote no. They've come around a lot on Everglades issues lately.

Because of the whole issue with the wellfield, I could see Diaz voting no on this item as well, however I am not holding my breath to that. But, knowing that Zapata doesn't support this project and seeing how Pepe has been sidelining with Juan lately, the miracle might just happen!

Chairman Monestime better be wise this time around...

We will see.. It will be an interesting battle.

Anonymous said...

Of course that is not she!

Anonymous said...

EOM, Would you be so kind as to try again and reach the five Cutler Bay council members and ask them how they intend to vote on the application to change the CB master plan and zoning on the 9 acres on Old Cutler and sw 184 st, SE side. This is right in your neck of the woods and you've got clout. It's another Key Biscayne mega wealthy land owner attack to develop in another community. Can you help us with this?

Anonymous said...

We Cant rest on our laurels just because it is a clearly stupid idea.

The first hearing doesnt require a 2/3 rds vote; just a straight majority.

expect there will be pressure to just vote yes to "get input from the state" and that it isnt a final vote. Scott neutered the state reviewing agencies, so the move is really a way to keep a bad idea alive and make rich speculators happy

we need all 7 you think will vote no in order to kill this thing first try

and dont count on Zapata. he hasnt voted no on a udb move yet.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez has supported the UDB over the years. I hope he holds his ground this time as well.