Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Miccosukeee View on Everglades Restoration. By Geniusofdespair

Colley Billie Chairman of the Miccosukee Business Council gives the Tribe's view on Everglades restoration at the Sugar Summit. I did not get the entire speech sorry, the beginning and end are missing. Just so long you can hold up an I Phone and keep it steady.

Note the beautiful workmanship of the jacket. I believe he said his aunt made it for him.

Another video...maybe better, see comments.


cyndi said...

You can use this if you want.
I have video from the whole day your welcome to use anything you want.

cyndi said...

This was a great speech. Here is another.
I know that I gave Patrick Murphy information on this over a year ago. Personally. They are being ignored. I was told (I have not been down there) that there are calverts that filled will all kind of stuff that need to be cleaned out. There is a spreader canal that is gross and the tree islands are disappearing. Yet, like us they are ignored. Any thoughts of how we can actually help?