Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Miami Dade County UDB Line UNDER ATTACK from 3 Applications. By Geniusofdespair

The May CDMP (Comprehensive Development Master Plan) Cycle has the UDB Line Under attack from 3 Applications -- the most we have had in years.  Scroll in each one to the end to see the maps of where they are.  Lets put more people out West where they can stand still in mind numbing traffic during their hours of commute and be a neighbor to the Everglades bitching about animals, mosquitos and burns, and lets especially hope they enjoy the flooding to come.

Application 6 (least offensive - sounds like a fix to a change)

Application 7
Bullshit name: Green city. Are they nuts? This application is 121 page.

Application 8

This is who the Neighborhood Planning Company consists of:
Title MGR
Title MGR
Title MGR

They want to incorporate this one into a separate city!!!!! See Page 2 Number 4.  See ownership percentages all the way at the end. Rodney Barreto owns a bit of it.

What does Tropical Audubon Society have to say:

NEWSFLASH! 2 New UDB Extension Applications Filed!

The first, to include 859 acres (gross acreage) west of 167th Avenue and East of Krome Avenue between SW 64th Street and North Kendall Drive:

* Redesignate "Parcel A" To industrial and Office and Parcel B to business and office.
* Adopt "Green City Miami" as a land use category. Change the Land use map designation for this area from agriculture to "Green City Miami"
* Designate new Metropolitan and Community Urban Centers in this area
* Expand roadways on segments of 72nd street and 167th avenue to make for greater accessibility
* Amend LU-8F, Introduce LU-8J, 8J would allow TOV's to reserve UDB capacity for an additional five years (after the extension to 20 proposed in the 8F amendment) so long as the development incorporates specific and significant commitments to achieve public policies. Puts limits on amount of future capacity that can be reserved by all TOV's throughout county (individually 10%, overall 30%)

The second, to include approximately 61.1 acres located in section 31 Township 54 South, Range 39 east on the south east corner of the intersection of SW177Ave SW 88th street from agricultural use to half industrial / half residential use.


Watch and see... said...

Who is the commissioner?

This is a way to divide and conquer... the environmentalists will have to chose between fighting the airshow and/or moving the udb .... there are limited number of community advocates.

Developers and the county know they can be successful with developing whatever if they can dilute the opposition numbers/energy.

Geniusofdespair said...

Juan Zapata is the Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

It's Zapata's dream come true. Why do you think he's been pushing to incorporate an area outside the UDB even though Redland was stopped cold from doing so and had the voter support from the real voters/property owners who live in the area!

Anonymous said...

Juan Zapata is a dope. Can we assume the various applicants write checks to Zapata?
What happened to Easteard Ho? What happened to urban infill? Monestime? Edmonson?

Geniusofdespair said...

The question is do we have the votes to stop these? My prediction:
Zapata, Bovo, Souto, Diaz, Jordan, Barreiro will vote Yes
Levine-cava, Edmonson, Moss, Heyman, Suarez, Sosa will vote no.
Monestime? If he understands it will siphon off money from his district will vote no. They need 7 to transmit.
The mayor will veto as it would be political suicide not to.

But the developers are going forward so they must know something we don't. They are not just testing the water. Roosevelt Bradley, stay away from Audrey. Monestime is the swing vote.

Anonymous said...

The traffic is also unbearable. You are right about political suicide to support this. I think it is political suicide for all of them.

Geniusofdespair said...

Juan Zapata is not a dope and I don't think he is interested in political contributions for supporting this. I think in his heart he believes this will be good for his district. But he is wrong in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Genius, Zapata is not a dope. He's too smart actually, and yes, he truly believes this would be the best thing for his district.

I disagree with him on that, since he's only furthering the damage his predecessors have done. How many times has he said that those who were in his position before him had made poor decisions? Such a monstrous project outside the UDB is an incredibly POOR decision too!

Juan, what are you thinking? Cut the nonsense, you very well know this is not what you need in your district. Didn't you say you wanted more entertainment and no more housing in your district? This doesn't make sense. Bring this development inside the UDB, scale it down a bit and let it make good infill to areas that truly need it.

Ugh.... here we go...