Saturday, June 27, 2015

Eye On Miami Saturday Editorial Page June 27th. By Geniusofdespair

We Do What the Miami Herald Left Undone: The Saturday Editorial.

Frankly I have nothin' except the big, big meeting on June 30th about the special taxing districts. The County is raising taxes on tens of thousands of people. The hearing is scheduled time certain at 9:30 am. Chair Monestime is calling for yearly audits now because of the shock of the increase to homeowners who live in special taxing districts. It is rumored the mayor held off on increases and did some mumbo-jumbo accounting. If you have community lighting or a guard booth on a public road--- you are in a special taxing district.

Turkey Point's salt water intrusion is now 4 miles inland according to CASE information.


Franscisco Alvarado of the Florida Bulldog looks closely at the Lauren's Kids poll:

On June 4, Lauren’s Kids, released the results of an Internet poll it commissioned that found more than one-third of female respondents and one-fifth of male respondents had admitted to being sexually abused as children.

The survey’s results came in just as legislators reconvened for a special session to decide the 2015-2016 budget, which included a $3.8 million grant for the Aventura-based charity that specializes in child sex abuse prevention education.
The appropriation for Lauren’s Kids was tucked in a $23.8 million pot for “school and instructional enhancements” that emerged unscathed when the governor finalized the budget earlier this week. Scott obliterated funding for 24 other special interest projects on the list, including $100,000 for youth summer job programs and $30,000 for a financial literacy pilot program in Broward County.

Read the detailed analysis of the phony-sounding technique for the poll in the article. Ron Book hired Vanessa Brito's partner Heather Gray to be executive director of the non-profit and now she is the spokeswoman, leaving Lauren and Ron to other pursuits. Poor Lauren must be very fragile. I believe she is exploited, reliving her abuse over and over for others. Vanessa Brito does polls with Dario Moreno.

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are victims of child sexual abuse. Quite different from the polls findings.

The CRA gave a grant to Start off Smart, IncStart off Smart are charging $400,000 out of their allocations for salaries. That is a lot of salary. The group helps women in domestic abuse situations and abused children.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Gimenez purposely ordered former Special Taxing District supervisor DonTok to "keep the rates down" in order to help his 2012 reelection. Don Tok warned the mayor and his assistants of the impending problem but they did not listen. When this scandal first broke Public Works and Waste Management Director Alina Hudak and her Chief Elisha Daniels went on a rampage as they attempted to cover this issue. As a result, Don Tok was forced to resign and they are still looking for scapegoats to save themselves. On Tuesday, please show up in support of the coalition of grass root groups that have had enough of the Gimenez corruption and want to send him a message that come 2016 he will be booted out office.

Money Talks said...

Ron Book holds the puppet strings in Tallahassee. In DC, Tally and City Halls across this country its Government by The Consent of the Lobbyist and their clients.
We have the best government money can buy. Just ask Ron Book

Anonymous said...

Taxes are too high. Mayor Gimenez and the commissioners should be working to abolish the corrupt Special Taxing Districts and the corrupt Community Redevelopment Districts as soon as possible. Look at Keon Hardemon of the SEOPW CRA, he is trying to do $300 MILLION deals with no votes AND no public hearings.

Anonymous said...

Three South Florida Defendants Charged in $10 Million Government Fraud Involving Six Miami Low-Income Housing Developments U.S. Attorney’s Office June 25, 2015 Southern District of Florida (313) 226-9100
Guess where?
"The charging documents allege the following facts. The criminal scheme involved the following developments for elderly, low-income families or formerly homeless persons in Miami-Dade County (the “Subject Developments”): Bonita Cove: an apartment complex in Little Haiti; Casa Matias: an apartment complex in Homestead; Georgia Ayers: an apartment complex in Opa-Locka; Labre Place: an apartment complex in Overtown; Notre Dame: an apartment complex in Little Haiti; and Village Carver II: an apartment complex in Little Haiti.
The defendants conspired to defraud the federal government in order to embezzle, steal and convert to their own use federal tax credits and funds. The criminal scheme worked as follows: The designated state housing finance agency, Florida Housing Finance Corporation (“FHFC”), selected some of BHG’s low-income developments as eligible to receive federal tax credits and grant monies, including the Subject Developments, for the construction of low-income housing developments."

Sandra Nanni Director/Start off Smart, Inc. said...

The CRA gave Start off Smart, Inc. a $10,000.00 grant for the purchase of computers and internet services at the Police Athletic Gym/Community Center, so that their clients (victims of domestic violence/child abuse) could utilize the computers at the center to submit job applications, look for housing, etc. and so their children would have a place to go for homework assistance. As for the $400,000.00 salary, that is the total of funds from multiple sources that support Start off Smart, Inc. staff. Start off Smart, Inc. has a staff of 12,the funds include their FICA, Workman's Compensation and Liability Insurance, you do the math, then come and volunteer your time to help serve the community.

Anonymous said...

$33,333 average for each of the 12 employees. Not bad for a non-profit organization.

Anonymous said...

Why do they need a staff of 12 employees?

Anonymous said...

Start Off Smart needs to serve the community as they said they would and stay out of politics. The intent has changed. Stay off social media during business hours and become more efficient as an organization.
When you accept tax dollars from government it comes from people who actually work for a living or own property they paid for you have a duty to be accountable for it. When you ask for volunteers you need to insure you are giving it your all as well. All of this is just a bit too close for comfort. To be honest you should do more fund raising outside of government.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marty for the math lesson. Now sip your first drink of the day and go back to your dual role as the Porter campaign Treasurer and the contractor starting a job with $25.000. in grant money.