Saturday, June 20, 2015

Eye on Miami Editorial Page June 18th ALL ABOUT SUGAR. By Geniusofdespair

Taking up the Miami Herald's Slack...

Pictures of the Sierra Club Sugar Summit in Palm Beach are soon as I get there. Got up at 7 on a Saturday, an ungodly hour of the morning. Soon I will be driving. I need a cookie. I already had tea laced with sugar. I had chocolate cake last night. "Hello, I am Geniusofdespair and I am a sugar addict" going to a meeting about sugar.
Chairman of the Miccosukee Business Council Colley Billie

David Guest, Earthjustice

Wolfram Alderson, to speak on sugar as poison to public health
While I am traveling, let's catch up on fiction and fact in Hudstead. The petition circulating that would have given Waldman 4 more years has been rescinded -- more than one subject was on the approved ballot. Is it going out? I don't think so. Wayne Rosen funded the petition and without a petition there appears to be no ballot.

Former Lynda Bell was at the council meeting attacking Waldman as usual, and rumor has it Bell wants to run against Porter for Mayor of Hudstead. Wendy Lobos is eyeing Waldman's seat. It is again rumored that when Lynda Bell lost the County race, Wayne Rosen was at Lynda's hotel texting furiously --- trying to mend fences with those he alienated for Lynda Bell, with soupy congratulatory remarks. One contacted that evening, reportedly was Councilwoman Waldman. Wayne, stop trying to run Hudstead, you are creating a mess. Okay, an hour out of West Palm Beach (9:25am).


Over 300 people are attending today's Big Sugar Summit in West Palm Beach, demonstrating that many Floridians understand the need to corral Florida's shadow government. Here are a few photos from this morning:

Dr. Stephen Davis, hydrologist, and Richard Grosso, prominent public interest attorney
The summit is sponsored by Sierra Club
Over 300 people in West Palm Beach


Anonymous said...

Homestead, Hudstead, Holestead whatever name you give it is always in trouble. Porter seemingly a step up from Bateman is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
More trouble coming for Homestead.

Anonymous said...

Homestead charter amendment petition was withdrawn. The Waldman, Goodrich, Porter, Shelley and Weiss led effort is DOA.
Not stopping Waldman from the revenge personality only her closer allies know. The city actually placed a charter petition signature withdrawal affidavit on it's website apparently indicating the fraud of the effort had pissed off many.
The tiny minded braintrust that led this effort chose to get out of town while they could. the council majority led by Patricia Fairclough, Rev. Jimmie Williams and Elvis Maldonado took the city attorney to the woodshed for a beating.

Anonymous said...

... and while we discuss sugar, Mayor Carlos Gimenez's lackeys work behind the scenes with our local prominent lobbyists. The same lobbyists who seek to expand the jet port in the Everglades to destroy our ecology. The same lobbyists protected by our corrupt State Attorney. The same lobbyists defended in court by a group of three or four prominent attorneys who have specialized in defending the elected scum who seek wealth rather than civic improvement. And while all of this happens, the hired guns at The Miami Herald and our local t.v. stations are only concerned about the cat-in-the-tree story instead of the multi-million dollar graft in county contract awards. Corruption is alive and well down here. The democratic principles fought for by our nation's founders are no longer worth the ink or paper they are printed on. All's well in Miami-Dade County

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the State Attorney going after Mark Goodrich?

An affidavit form for withdrawal of petition signature is available at the City Clerk’s Office and in this link.

It's not everyday any city issues a petition signature withdrawal form because people were lied to. The existence of such a form is unreal.

cyndi said...

Thanks for coming! It was a great day!

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere online to find the information out about the Homestead petition issue? Was there a public hearing or anything like that? Lynda Bell? I just lost my coffee!

How did the meeting go yesterday? Are there going to be any lawsuits filed about misusing the taxpayer funds regarding amendment 1?

Inquiring minds!

cyndi said...

Anonymous. The meeting was great but just a beginning. There will be lots of video posted.

Anonymous said...

The public hearing in Homestead was a complete disaster for Waldman and the petitioners. There was not one petition supporter in attendance other than on the dais in the persons of Waldman, Porter, Shelley and the city attorney.
First the other four council members dismantled the process. Then Bell spoke about several people who felt they were misled. The city attorney was caught in multiple lies and the council majority told him his credibility was suspect. Because this was going to be voted on by a mail in ballot nobody was comfortable with that. All amendments failed.
The fallout was the city ultimately agreed that an affidavit to withdraw signatures would be made available, it was. A day later Mark Goodrich who ran MacDougall's campaign, Art Nanni's campaign and the Waldman petition withdrew the petition.
Five people from the audience made statements about the petition under a variety of topics. Nobody was in favor of it from the audience in fact the supporters, circulators and author were not present. The actual petition had three unrelated questions rolled into one, it did not offer a spanish and creole version so in the end the entire proposal was voted down although now they say it was deferred. The withdrawal of the petition by the political committee was a wise move.

Anonymous said...

You have to love Grosso, he is always on the right side. Good to see he is well and fighting. Pat Wade