Sunday, May 31, 2015

Quotes of the Day, Both about the SOUL. By Geniusofdespair

Montego Bay, Jamaica

That fine line on the horizon, between the blue-gray sky and where it meets the deep blue sea is where my spiritual batteries are charged!! That's the line between my Heart and my Soul. It is where I gain my inspiration and creativity.

 - Billy D. Causey, Ph.D. (Regional Director Southeast Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Region NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries). Billy is watching our Coral Reefs rot, trying hard to save them. Not an easy job. But then, there might be a harder job, harder on the soul -- one where people are left helpless and hopeless...

Working for the current administration at Miami Dade County is "Soul Killing."
- Member of County Staff.

Soul Killing by the Ting Tings....

If this is what it is
And if that's what we're about
Well, we never break the rules
And we never let it out
It's soul killing
Might as well shoot me down

The Ting Tings - Soul Killing Lyrics


Anonymous said...

Please county staff do tell. To the Grand Jury.

Anonymous said...

Sad isn't it: A hopeful soul and a burned out soul speaking.

Anonymous said...

As former county employee, I didn't think they could still disappoint me, yet I have found rot deep in a county department so deep that underlings lie to commissioners and people they promised help accomplish things with, just to keep their jobs.

I am depressed and so saddened by their actions.

cyndi said...

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. ~Ferdinand Foch

Anonymous said...

As a current County employee, I am heartened by the fact that there are still a few of us who stay and fight the good fight so as to not let the bastards win - at least not win all the time.

Anonymous said...

Some of you have to go. "What good is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul?" The few who have a vision and feel strong enough to set sail, should do so. Time is the currency of life, you cannot regain the years you have thrown away, why waste future years?

Anonymous said...

Thank the strong mayor format and Carlos Gimenez for the tyrannical form of government that punishes employees for pointing out theft, fraud and misuse of county funds. For those of us who have done it, we proudly bear the scars of our actions. We do hope someday to see Gimenez and his jesters being led away in shackles from the Stephen Clark building. For those souls that suffer everyday at the hands of the most corrupt mayor to occupy the county seat, please know that sooner or later his shenanigans will catch up with him.

former county employee said...

As a prospective computer programmer told me today: "I had considered the county computer programming positions, but I am ambitious and I think the county is where ambitions go to die."

She also said, "It is a great place to learn technologies from 1998"-- which I would not be surprised if that wasn't the truth. Because not too many years back, all their computer gurus retired and no one knew how to fix the budget software, because it was written in a language that was not currently in use by programmers.

I think the county is where ambitions go to die.How freaking pathetic is that? This is from one of our county's bright young professionals.