Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gimleteye made a dreadful error on Monday. By Geniusofdespair


He overwhelmed us all and he had no cute puppy pictures. I looked at his post and said to myself, I am not watching 3 f--king videos. WTF, is he crazy. Really Gimleteye. And you don't even write anything that makes us want to watch them. BORING.

Well, I was clearly bored having just lost a Words with Friends game and I had watched all the Penny Dreadful shows I taped, so I started to watch Gimeleteye's videos.

When I saw the second one and saw it was about Miami exclusively and I saw Hal Wanless, Philip Stoddard and Dan Kipnis, I said to myself WHAT?? Why didn't Gimleteye tell me. I love these guys.

So I am NOT going to overwhelm you. Just watch the 2nd damn video. You will be glad you did. I mean it. Would I lie to my readers? Well, maybe but not in this case.

Now if you want, go back and watch all three. I highly recommend 3 as it is a continuation of this one. Laura Reynolds is in it (Tropical Audubon Society). But really this one will get you, especially when you think you want your Grandchildren to grow up here.


Anonymous said...

Should be required viewing at city and county commission meetings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting me to watch it, it was good. I watched the 3rd one too. It was the preciousness of the puppy that did it.

Ben said...

You make me laugh. Penny Dreadful? Really?

youbetcha' said...

I watched it. This gives new meaning to my water front home in the keys... it has a canal behind it and the mangroves in front of it.

Actually, we have lived there since 1992 and the water on the mangrove side has gone from staying in the bay to CROSSING THE ROAD in front of the house and rising half way up the incline to the house's bottom slab. The county has considered raising the road 2 feet to slow down the flooding.

This is less than my kids life time. The water rise is not silly.

cyndi said...

LOL! thank for the good laugh and especially the puppy photo. I watched all three yesterday. I thought they were great. But puppy photos should come with all videos.