Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Candidate TED CRUZ for President: Don't Count Him Out. By Geniusofdespair

Ted Cruz says: "My Peeps!"

Sanity has never been a requirement of any candidate in the Republican Party. I love crazy-zany and Ted Cruz fits that bill. He collects the certifiable nutzoids of the party.

Why is he so attractive a candidate to me? Because America deserves him, at least most of America. We have to blast our country with the most absurd the only problem is, what would he do to the supremes? The good thing for Florida is, this guy will make Rick Scott seem sane and liberal at the same time.

It is really too bad Sarah Palin isn't running. She would have also fit the bill and she would have had a better chance.

Ted has been called angry and self-righteous by the liberal media (damn them). To me he is a conservative martyr. I love the guy and think he will serve our country's nuts to the best of his ability. Funny that he doesn't even embarrass the Republicans. They are embarrassment proof with their candidates...no one is too crazy to run under their banner. They are all inclusive. If the candidate is not in jail and they are  not gay, they are welcome in the Grand Old Party. So here is to you Ted Cruz: The best damn candidate the Republicans have for 2016. You have my vote.


Anonymous said...

That a guy this highly educated and smart would stoop to idiocy shows we haven't rinsed the Huey Long's from our national character at all. They used to be a fringe minority, like the John Birch Society: now it's mainstream GOP character. Anything goes so long as it panders to anger and fear.

Anonymous said...

All the US born people running off to fight in the middle east, they too could run as Republicans instead of leaving.

Anonymous said...

What about the two Florida sons that the Miami Herald ran out of ink on? Jump on the Florida train...wreck.

Anonymous said...

The NY Times has a long piece on Ted Cruz and his early years as a champion debater. Obviously he is smart. Too bad his views have veered a tad off the rails.

umh shadow peeps said...

Bob says that this made him laugh so much that he had to hold his pillow to keep from hurting.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society I ask that you pick a different animal to use for Rubio.
You're giving squirrels a bad name. No squirrel I know would want to be associated with him.
It would be more appropriate for his face to simply be on the top nut of the pile of nuts.

Geniusofdespair said...

I know all white Republicans look alike but that is Ted Cruz not Marco Rubio