Friday, April 17, 2015

Get Your Eyes Opened on April 21st to CRA's. By Geniusofdespair

I always thought CRA's were a crock of shit, a complete scam. Peter Bockweg heads one, come on. I wrote about one in Homestead that was audited.  Here is a second article.

Find out if I am right and let me know. I don't know if I can attend but it is really worthwhile to know what is going on with these as they absorb a lot of money.  CRA stands for Community Redevelopment Agency or Money Sucker.


Sponsored by the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions (CUES)
FAU School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP)
Co-Sponsored by the Urban Environment League of Greater Miami (UEL)
“Miami After Dark” Radio Program, WZAB 880AM, and GrandCentral



6:00PM- Registration and Reception (Light Snacks)

6:30PM- Welcoming Remarks -- 
Professor Steven Bourassa, Director, FAU SURP
 Professor Gregory W. Bush 
University of Miami History Department, Vice President UEL

6:40PM- Keynote Address
In the Beginning...Establishing and Implementing the CRA
-- Xavier L. Suarez, County Commissioner, District 7 Former Mayor of the City of Miami, 1985-1991

7:00PM- CUES Redevelopment Research: Miami-Dade County CRAs

Overview of the CRAs in Miami-Dade County
--Abigail Weiss, Graduate Research Assistant, CUES

--Max Wemyss, Graduate Research Assistant, CUES

Case Study: Southeast Overtown/Parkwest CRA

--Anielle M. Darucaud, Graduate Research Assistant, CUES

Case Study: North Miami CRA
--Christopher P. Riley, Graduate Research Assistant, CUES

8:00PM- The Future

Understanding the Broward County Approach to CRAs
-- Frank Schnidman, Professor, FAU SURP, Executive Director, CUES

Issues and Options for Miami-Dade County
--Daniella Levine Cava, County Commissioner, District 8

8:50PM- Closing Comments: “Redevelopment and Economic Development”
-- Frank Nero, President, Beacon Global Advisors

9:00PM- Adjourn

This seminar is open to the public. There is no charge to attend.
For additional information, please contact Professor Frank Schnidman at:


Anonymous said...

The money always ends up in the hands of big developers and their projects which do NOTHING to help the people that actually needs it and it takes the money out of the General Funds.

Anonymous said...

CRA's seem to be a cash cow for developers and connected people. They also last too long and tie up public tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Slush funds used to grease the campaign donors wheels. There is no stopping the corrupt as long as CRAs remain in force.

Anonymous said...

Keon Hardemon, the Chair of the Southeast Overtown Park West CRA, is following in the corrupt footprints of his predecessors indicted Michelle Spence-Jones, unindicted Jeffrey Allen, indicted Arthur Teele etc and taking money meant to cure slum and blight and diverting it to out-of-town based connected insiders. Sarnoff diverted money to Tibor Hollo etc. Same old.

Anonymous said...

South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard heads another CRA; also a crock of shit. The goal of CRA's (at least South Miami's CRA) is to reward developers with free infrastructure and at the same time give the CRA's residents a one-way ticket to Naranja. Stay tuned for South Miami deals with Perez, Pinnacle, Masvidal (House of Lies, part II), and the Munilla Family - all big contributors to Stoddard's last re-election campaign.