Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From the Annals of the South Florida Water Management District: "We Want to Hear From You ... We Really Do!" ( j/k) ... by gimleteye

What follows is one of my all time favorites. I'd given up on the water management district many, many moons ago after it became clear that the entire agency is permeated with a climate of fear and mistrust due to the dominance of Big Sugar, especially after Gov. Rick Scott gutted its science capacity. So then I received this by email yesterday:
Each month in The Ripple Effect newsletter, we share the South Florida Water Management District's news -- from Everglades restoration to flood control to water conservation and more.

Now we want to hear from you. We would appreciate your feedback on The Ripple Effect and our other digital communication efforts by taking the brief survey in the link below.

Take the SFWMD Communications Survey. The survey will only take a few minutes to complete. Please send us your responses by Friday, May 15. Thank you for your time and feedback.

Office of Public Affairs
South Florida Water Management District
Well, I thought, after writing hundreds of thousands of words about the water management district and its failures, why not? I had never taken any surveys from the water management district, before. So I clicked on the link, and up popped this dialogue box.

To be fair, the District did issue a corrective email with another link, but my appetite for giving the District my feedback had already reminded me that criticism falls down a black hole when it comes to water management in Florida, and moreover that at least two individuals running to be the GOP candidate for president from Florida bear a great share of responsibility for this grim fact.


Anonymous said...

When it comes time to vote, Republicans, remember that Jeb and Marco did what Big Sugar wanted in 2002 and passed "the Everglades Whenever Act" and Jeb's guy David Struhs stood on the steps of the federal court house in Miami and swore to the press that the act would have "no impact" on the water quality agreement made ten years earlier. It took more than 10 years to "fix" what Jeb and Marco screwed up on behalf of Big Sugar daddies. Remember that, Republicans.

cyndi said...

Anonymous don't count on it!

Show Me, MO said...

How about a SFWMD story you have yet to read about in the Miami Herald: the District approved FPL to withdraw
100 million gallons a day of freshwater for two years starting June 1 from the L31E canal to try to correct the salinity and algae bloom which are out of control because FPL increased the power in 43 year old reactors 3&4. That's equal to 25% of the water the whole count uses everyday. The Oligarchs are alive and well in Florida. We don't stand a chance.