Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Blast From the Past: Marco Rubio too Short to be the US President. By Geniusofdespair

From EYE ON MIAMI November 18,  2012  
(Javier Manjarres of Shark Tank wrote his version March 25, 2013 where he said Ann Coulter told Hannity that Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul were as tall as her IPhone.)

Now that he is officially running I am re-running my November 18th 2012 post:

Jeb Bush is 6' 3"
Mitt Romney is 6' 2"

Since Marco Rubio has already kicked off his presidential bid with a trip to Iowa (he ran the same agonizingly loonngggg campaign to become Senator) it is important to answer a question that is sure to come up: Is he too short to be president?

Barack Obama is 6' 1".  Marco says he is 5' 10" but I would put him at below 5' 8" - I stood next to him. There were only 6 presidents under 5' 8": James Madison, Benjamin Harrison, Martin Van Buren, John Quincy Adams, John Adams and William McKinley. All of those guys were presidents before 1900. We haven't elected a president under 6 feet since Jimmy Carter (5' 9 1/2").

Top End Heights of the Presidents

Looks like more than 4 inches to me. Expect Rubio to grow taller as his campaign progresses.

Kendrick Meek and Marco Rubio

Good Read: Earth, to Rubio in the Economist.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Hillary was taller than 5'10" 1/2.


Gus said...

As long as he remains taller than Killary, he will win.

Anonymous said...

If tall people defeat short people, why did "gentle giant" Kendrick Meek suffer a humiliating loss?

Anonymous said...

Bash him on the environment and other important issues, but please, lay off the personal attacks on height. One way to initiate the destruction of a person's character is to ridicule based on physical attributes

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush is 5 ft 11 1⁄2 in. He defeated John Kerry, who is 6 ft 4 in. So there goes that stupid theory.

jose said...

this is a good example of ant-hispanic bias.

Anonymous said...

I too think Rubio is just too short to be President! (to some previous posters, this is a joke to most people with a sense of humor).

I'm also "Waiting for Godot" because there's no one running for President right now I will remotely think about supporting!

Geniusofdespair said...

Anti hispanic bias. That always gets in there doesn't it. Tongue in cheek humor is beyond stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Americans ARE that shallow.

Anonymous said...

Harry Truman was 5'8" and he dropped the bomb. What does Rubio want to do?

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is 5'7" but on Bill's shoulders she would be 11'9" hopefully she will listen to him

Anonymous said...

What? No bashing of Michael Dukakis?

I have been told that he could barely look above an automobile's steering wheel.

Oops, that's right, he got defeated by a tall man.

Sorry, my bad.

Anonymous said...

Many people don't run for public office to be elected to public office. They run to get campaign money for friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but that USED to be the rule under a Democratically-controlled Congress BEFORE the Republicans took over for the 1st time after the 1994 Mid-Terms.

FEC Law used to dictate that any money raised in Federal campaigns, after the election had been held, and you lost, the loser had the options of either donating any left over $$$ to charity, return it to their donors, or you could simply keep it as your own money.

After 1995, legislation was passed dictating that if you lost a race or retired from office, and had extra campaign cash on-hand, you HAD 2 options - donate it to charity or return it to your donors. You could no longer keep it as your money.

One example was former Congressman Dante Fascell. Granted, he was an exemplary Member of Congress who served with distinction in the House under different districts from 1955-1993 and rightfully earned the nickname - "Mr. Foreign Policy," as a result of serving as Chairman of the House's Foreign Affairs Committee for many decades.

However, his last campaign, 1992, he draw no opposition, but, nevertheless, like every other MC, campaigned vigorously and raised over $2 Mil.

After he won, he decided to retire at the end of his latest term.

What about the money he raised? He opted to keep it; which was perfectly legal at the time.

So, to run for federal office just to keep campaign money for friends and family has not been the case since the mid-1990s.