Monday, March 30, 2015

What Does Each Miami Dade County Commission District Pay to Support County Services. By Geniusofdespair

According to the County's Finance Department, this is the total real property tax levy for Miami-Dade County districts. The amounts listed below represent the total amount of property taxes billed and sorted by Commission District. Is your District a donor district or a taker?

Commission District Bill Amount:

1 Total $ 155,616,035.44 - Barbara Jordan
2 Total $ 119,802,275.60 - Jean Monestime
3 Total $ 250,976,290.00 - Audrey Edmonson
4 Total $ 729,782,915.74 - Sally Heyman
5 Total $ 812,809,543.24 - Bruno Barreiro
6 Total $ 253,887,916.36 - Rebeca Sosa
7 Total $ 733,931,762.01 - Xavier Suarez
8 Total $ 263,396,987.01 - Daniella Levine Cava
9 Total $ 158,124,875.69 - Dennis Moss
10 Total $ 185,865,923.51 - Javier Souto
11 Total $ 202,126,843.08 - Juan Zapata
12 Total $ 388,390,883.22 - Jose "Pepe" Diaz
13 Total $ 160,474,957.15 - Esteban Bovo

Grand Total $ 4,254,712,250.90 

The first three districts added together pay $526,394,600 which doesn't even come close to what the 4th District pays in: $729,782,915.   

Maybe we should be dividing districts more equitably money-wise so everyone has a voice. My issues are never addressed. All we have to do is have districts divided East to West instead of North to South.

Sally Heyman, Xavier Suarez and Bruno Barreiro's districts pay the most: about half of the Grand Total. So 3 districts pay the same as the other 10. Maybe Javier Souto should remember that when he admonishes people East of U.S. 1 for their environmental interest. They are paying a lot of the bills for his district. Those 3 districts pay about half of the Grand Total for ALL 13 districts (over $2 Billion).  Maybe Souto should learn to say thank you and try to address issues in the districts that fund his, at least to be polite.

See Fire Boat Issue brought up by Sally Heyman -- governing a donor district. That blog prompted me to get this information.


Anonymous said...

wow. I didn't think you'd advocate for one-dollar-one-vote.

Maybe you are a republican after all. ;)

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are for all County taxes paid. That's a good comparison for countywide services maybe, but doesn't really tell you anything.

If anything, what it shows is that those representing high value real estate are in the coastal urban core. Downtown, Brickell, Miami Beach, Aventura and the super-rich islands, Pinecrest. thank you for all those urban businesses and foreign investors who are really paying for our government services.

Districts 7, 5, 4

Anonymous said...

I like the East West idea. You can bloat the middle of black districts and bubble the west end for Hispanic districts. The way they are drawn now to get racial equality makes little sense. The districts seperate cities. Doesn't North Miami area have 4 Commissioners?

Anonymous said...

The current configuration of commissioners is not close to equitable to the registered voters across the county. Black commissioners 31%, Hispanic commissioners 61% and white commissioners 8% are the approximate percentage of representation. The districts need to be rethought to allow for a closer relationship between donor districts and types of voters.

Anonymous said...

Heyman's District should have its own fireboat as well as Barreiro's District. They are entitled to what they need. They don't take as much from the county coffers.

Anonymous said...

The black population is at about 18% in Miami Dade County yet they have 4 Commissioners. Fair?

Christine said...

Get Sally a fireboat. There have been boat fires in her district and i can forsee a condo calamity in one of the waterfront condos. Get her what she needs.

Geniusofdespair said...

What makes me angry is, Lynda Bell dropped Pinecrest and made her district less equal and gave it to Xavier Suarez who already was overloaded with rich people. They specifically keep the Districts inequitable. Think about East West Divisions. Some Districts wouldn't hurt as much. Do we want to live with Miguel DeGrandy drawn districts forever?

And I am a Ted Cruz loving Republican a 'Patriot.' I drink tea constantly.

Anonymous said...

I like the East-West makes sense to me. Linda Bell dropped Pine Crest because they are to political savvy. She still loss and District 8 regained their dignity.

Anonymous said...

It is a credit to our community that we have elected a diverse group of County Commissioners thereby demonstrating that not everyone votes strictly along racial or ethnic lines. No Commissioner represents only one group, but is responsible for the welfare of many/all. For once be proud of who we are! We could live in Boston or Chicago or some cold, screwed up place like that.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the intelligent post above! It's good to see there are thinking individuals in Miami-Dade!

Hanson for East West said...

Goody goodies...

Aint that, and you know it. When, for instance, Souto starts representing me instead of lobbing darts at my ethnic group I will respect him and some of the others. Who are you kidding? They serve their district only and some serve only those that look like them and vote.

Geniusofdespair said...

New York is the best place to live if you can afford it. Miami sort of, well, sucks. Weather is not important if you don't have nature to accompany it. Who wants to go to a place and see a glut of Lennar homes? I guess you two above Hanson.

Anonymous said...

The only reason it is diverse is because of the way the districts are drawn. People are not voting diverse the district configuration does it for them.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like socialism to me.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what your point is. The homes are more expensive in Aventura which is why Heymen's constituents pay more in taxes. If you own a mansion, you should pay more in property taxes than people who own a home in a poor community. I think the rich should be paying much more.

Maria said...

13 County Commissioners

7 Hispanic = 53.8%
4 Black = 30.8%
2 White = 15.4%


Actual demographics for Miami-Dade County

Hispanic = 65.6%
Black = 19.0%
White = 15.2%

Geniusofdespair said...

Why do I need a point? Sometimes great information is just that. Did anyone know this before? Although I do think Sally Heyman needs a fireboat in her district and having East West districts would make them more diverse ethnically and financially. Everyone in the County would have an investment in the Urban Development Boundary and the waterfront.

I love information. Someone will put it to good use. Haven't you noticed that I print lots of stuff that has no editorial content. It is just there, my research, for you to do something with. In this case: Argue over.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the fireboats. Fireboats exist to protect the yachts of rich people and to benefit lazy firefighters who want to have fun all day on a boat.

Let those rich assholes pass the hat at the yacht club if they want a fireboat. Stop trying to use my taxes for the benefit of one percenters.

Anonymous said...

Daniella Levine is NOT Hispanic. She added the Cava to her name to fool gullible voters.

Anonymous said...

Miami and County share same
major problem in that there is zero senatorial view of either.

There needs to be Commissioners at large.

The sum of either municipality is less than its parts.

Anonymous said...

Danielle Levine is not Hispanic, and instead she cares about ALL people while bi-lingually speaking perfect Spanish. So what's your point about her origins, jealous detractor?