Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Passion Play: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Florida … by gimleteye

Whoever is editing for the New York Times on the relationship between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio is missing the historical fact of their relationship: superior to subordinate.

This morning's front page story portrays Jeb Bush, strategists and loyalists "locking up" donors against a Marco Rubio run for the GOP presidential primary in Florida as though Marco is a credible challenger. He is not.

The piece the Times gets right: Jeb Bush can't win the general election in 2016 unless he wins Florida.

Marco Rubio will be in the primary but not to win. His role -- funded as it may be, by Norman Braman -- is to "walk point" for Jeb in primary season against the GOP freak show.

Jeb will be the elder statesman. Marco will sound like an acolyte to show his chops; ready to be president … but not this time.

For Jeb, Marco will blunt the impact of the carnival acts -- whether Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum. Marco will blunt the attacks against Jeb from the right wing nuts. Elsewhere, I described Marco as being leader of a roller derby team who organizes the train to whip the fastest to the front.

The Republican primary is shaping up to be a Passion Play and not a real competition.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting thesis to see if it plays out, I really have no idea.

But remember, Marcovelli Rubio's rapaciousness knows no bounds. His ambition is unbounded.