Friday, March 20, 2015

The GOP state legislature and Gov. Rick Scott in Fortress Tallahassee: a bubble filled with poli-psychotropic, bobble-headed fools … by gimleteye

So, Florida: a couple of questions.

How did Miami-Dade Carlos Gimenez ever believe he could jam a uranium merchant from western Canada into the county commission chambers to pitch and get approval for the largest mall in the United States, wedged up against the dying Everglades in northwest Dade?

How are Miami-Dade rock miners -- who have paid a tonnage fee to the state for decades -- weaseling out from their guarantee to fund critical infrastructure to prevent poisons in west Dade rock mines from seeping into our (your!) drinking water?

Why are 78 percent of Florida voters in November 2014 who voted to fund an amendment to purchase environmentally sensitive lands -- like those needed to save coastal real estate wrecked by pollution from Lake Okeechobee -- silent while the legislature, Gov. Rick Scott, Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam et al. run off with billions in order to fund their water project infrastructure for the benefit of insiders like their campaign funders?

And another question: how does Gov. Rick Scott and the GOP legislature ignore the thousands of Republican voters and taxpayers on both Florida coasts, clamoring for the completion of the option to buy US Sugar lands for water treatment, completely omitting its appearance in the state budget?

How does Gov. Rick Scott -- arguably the worst governor in modern Florida history -- who won reelection by barely 1 percent now believe that he could be elected to the US Senate?

Let's take these questions, one by one.

Mayor Gimenez invited a nightmare of a mall into our county because the state of Florida killed the regulatory framework -- then known as Growth Management and now, "anything goes". All the foxes are in all the henhouses. Who committed the crime of opening the treasury to the thieves? Your GOP legislators and your governor, Rick Scott who killed off regulatory reviews that might have given county commissioners a reason to hit the pause button.

How -- after nearly a decade of federal litigation on rock mines -- is Florida's wealthiest and most secretive industry sneaking out from under its obligation to fund critical water infrastructure and the liability if poisons seep from their rock pits into our (your!) water supply? Your GOP state representatives and Gov. Rick Scott see nothing wrong at all with that equation.

How are Amendment 1 funds being hijacked by insiders, despite 78 percent voter approval -- a majority that not a single state legislator or elected official could achieve? Guess.

With US Sugar ferrying top GOP legislators to the King Ranch in Texas for "hunting expeditions" far from prying eyes, with Ag Secretary Adam Putnam slamming the door in a reporter's face for the temerity of asking questions, you can guess why no mention of the option to purchase has been mentioned in Tallahassee.

Why does Gov. Rick Scott believe he can be elected to the US Senate after skating past a criminal investigation of the company he founded, resulting in the largest civil fine in US economic history at the time?

Think I'm crazy for asking these questions? Well, on the crazy front: if you were a Florida agency staffer and recently used the term "climate change" in a public forum, you would have been suspended and before returning to work would have been required to submit a psychiatric evaluation, guaranteeing your psychological state conforms with acceptable political practice.

Some readers recommend that if my hope is to persuade, then honey is a better way to attract those opposed to my point of view. Why? Tallahassee is a fortress, filled with bobble-headed, poli-psychotropic fools.

For that, thank unlimited campaign contributions. Thank, corporations who are have the same rights as people. Thank your Chamber of Commerce, the lobbyists you allow to stand at the gates, and your Associated Industries of Florida.

The high walls around Tallahassee were built by your legislature and governor. That shouldn't be news.

OIG Complaint--Bibler--3-18-2015 by Alan Farago


Grillo said...

I firmly believe that limitation of terms as an elected official is the purview of the voters and it continues to be in spite of the law. Unfortunately, we keep electing by default the most incompetent and corrupt liars because we are too lazy to take one or two hours of our day to go vote. Soooo, these "bobble-headed, poli-psychotropic fools" are elected by the voters who didn't bother to vote.

Anonymous said...

Global warming cultists at it again. Still waiting on that ice cap to melt as your leader Al Gore predicted.

miaexile said...

the gentlemen from DEP who was told not to come back to work after uttering the words sea-level rise and climate change was on Chris Hayes show last night. courage from a state employee!

Anonymous said...

Gov Scott and his cult members are 100% crazy.