Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Editorial: More about the big American (Wet) Dream Mall Miami And Other Topics. By Geniusofdespair


Actually I am going to the Miami Herald for material for my Saturday Morning Speak-up. Fabiola Santiago said it better than I ever could:
To the county powerbrokers anchored in downtown Miami, the small bedroom communities in Northwest Miami-Dade may be expendable in their quest to increase the tax base and create jobs.

But if Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the Miami-Dade County Commission are going to destroy the quality of life of residents with their push to bring a grotesque megamall and theme park to their doorstep, they ought to at least listen to the people whose lives they’re up-ending.

“There’s such gridlock already we can’t get out of our own neighborhoods,” says Patricia Collado, a paralegal, mother of a Tennessee-bound firefighter, and president of the Palm Springs North Civic Association. AND:

To add the proverbial insult to injury, giving just a week’s notice to residents affected, the county commission has scheduled a key vote for Tuesday to assemble land, now in state hands... ”
Do I care about people who live in Western Miami? I hardly have any readers there. Hmmm. They don't drink wine and they don't eat cheese (that is Javier Souto's euphemism for Whites). Yes, I care when ANYONE is taken advantage of. Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava has an Achilles' heel. When she hears the word JOBS her eyes glaze over on the other deficiencies and that is her focus: jobs. They will not pay $15 an hour at the American Wet Dream Mega Mall, and that isn't even a living wage for a family.  I want Levine Cava to focus instead on job training. I have heard the job mantra for years with Barbara Jordan and they never come through with good paying jobs with a future. How are you going to make a sows ear job into a silk purse job? Maybe we need a different concept. And, the Mayor has grossly inflated the amount of jobs that this project will generate. There are just so many theme park malls one community can handle. This one sounds like a boondoggle. Working in a dying concept -- a mall -- is not lucrative in the Sunshine State. We already have Mall saturation and I bet we can count on one hand how many African Americans they will hire for this Western Dade location. And this mall has no water supply. When the land was put in the UDB it had to produce its own water supply. The Hialeah plant is plagued with problems.

We need less buggy whips and slide ruler makers. We need to train in the jobs of the future not the past. Since we don't look for any industry, except for theme parks, and we wasted the $70 million of bond money to attract new businesses, I guess here in Miami Dade  the future is caring for the elderly. What else do we have? We are killing farming, the cruise ships employ foreigners, and  a Burger King was closed recently for health violations. Bagging groceries is a budding career choice, especially at Whole Foods where they think cutting down trees to make bags is better than using plastic bags.

We should get a good vote on this land deal on St. Patrick's Day from Steve Bovo who hates last minute crap. Everyone on the Commissioners should follow his lead on last minute crap. Hopefully Pepe Diaz will be too drunk to show up since I have given up on him having an epiphany anytime soon. I will be going to the Hallandale Beach Theme Park because I can play Texas Holdem at the same time. They have combined shopping, water theme park, horse racing and gambling. That is a budding career for people: card dealer at all the casinos. You need to be dexterous and you only have to know about 20 words in 3 languages.

If they build the American (wet) Dream Mall they are going to shake with rock mining blasting. People will be caught in avalanches. OMG what a way to die, on a theme park mountain. How is Sylvester Lukis the lobbyist going to deal with that one? Here is how, he also works for the rock miners as well as the mall.

Now you all see my thinking process at work -- This is the all over the place editorial.

MIAMI BEACH: I think supplying sunscreen to beach patrons is the best idea ever.


Anonymous said...

Best editorial ever. I LMAO.

Anonymous said...

This is better than the Herald Saturday editorial page. You have a lot of crazy opinions.

Anonymous said...

I was driving on Red Road going North through Miami Gardens near Miami Lakes on a Friday at 4:30pm. It took 20 minutes to get through two traffic lights and onto the Palmetto Expressway going north.

It was a mean spirited intersection where everyone looked harried and the honking was coming from all sides.

Our communities will be undone by this mess since county officials are hinging our future on hotel beds being filled to meet the huge debt service. There's just so much tourists will stand for and word spreads easiy.

That's gambling right there.

Anonymous said...

The sunscreen concept is a win-win for everyone! Cudos to the staff who got this done.

Louis J Trochu said...

Please Madam Genius and what exactly to you mean by the "whites" reference in Commissioner Javier "Ran" Souto?

Anonymous said...

Louis, Genius is right, we all know what he means by the context.

Geniusofdespair said...

Louis listen to a commission meeting once in a while.

Javier Souto has been very clear in his euphemism that he uses over and over again for years to refer to anglos/whites. We get it --- it is as if he called Hispanics the rice and bean set. He calls the people east of us 1 "the wine and cheese set."

Anonymous said...

Do you really think plastic bags are less harmful for the environment than paper bags?!

Geniusofdespair said...

They both are.

Anonymous said...

Javier Soto and Pepe Diaz both voted to give $3 Billion to Jeff Loria. Dopes. Traffic in NW Miami? Who cares? No one represents that group.

Anonymous said...

Why am I buying suntan lotion for people who can afford to lounge on the beach while I am working? Set up some vending machines at the beach and let them buy their own lotion.

Geniusofdespair said...

How cheap and selfish you are. You would want people to get skin cancer to save money? The people on the beach are paying a sturdy bed tax for you and providing jobs for your neighbors. We don't have industry, tourism is a big part of our economy. If everyone just thought of themselves - like you - we would be very unfulfilled and unhappy people. Maybe no one care about you and your needs. That is a good thing because that is how selfish people should be treated. Let them fend for themselves. Bootstrap mentality.

Anonymous said...

"Why am I buying lotion..."

Read. Do a bit of research. There is a company subsidizing the suntan lotion.

The teacher who taught you to type, forgot to teach you basic comprehension.

EOM - put a grade next to comments.

Anonymous said...

100,000+ South Floridians work in the travel and entertainment industries. I assume that number includes the slime balls running the 24/7 drug clubs like Space, MEKKA and the various other illegal drug clubs run out of warehouses. Prostitutes are probably represented too. We need all our tourists to survive and prosper, so their money gets spread around.