Friday, February 06, 2015

South Florida Residents Fleeced by Florida Power and Light (Next Error). By Geniusofdespair

As of January 2015 your rates went up on your FPL Bill. For instance, my bill has increased by about $11.

If you can't read the fine print it says: This rates summary reflects rates and charges approved by the Florida Public Service Commission. These are the biographies of the Commissioners.

Be sure to call them and thank them, especially for charging us for the nuke plants before they are built. Notice there are 2 nuclear charges.

Miscellaneous Charges on My January Bill - I Do Not Understand Any of These Charges and That is a Good Thing....for Next Error (really Next Era) the Parent Company.  Keep the People in the Dark.
View the full list of charges online.


Anonymous said...

Go solar! Piss off FPL. Tell your condo or apartment to do roof top and make FPL buy the surplus power. The up front costs pay for themselves within four to five years, or sooner, if done right.

Anonymous said...

Solar PV 30% tax credit of total installation price expires 2016. This reduces the cost to a payback period of 8 years with a 25-30 year warranty, meaning 17-22 years of free power (immune from FPL rate hikes). Sunnyboy inverter allows system to disconnect from grid and be used as a generator with appliance plugs during daytime without batteries. You also thus provide peak power to FPL so they do not need to fire up Peaker Plants that are extra polluting.

If after all the benefits you do not have solar PV and you own a roof have 'issues'.

Anonymous said...

Get used to it; your rates will be going up again effective March 15 when the storm charge increases.