Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is The Mayor Off to Gay Paree Again This Spring? By Geniusofdespair

Everglades Airstrip
Paris Air Show
June is coming when it is time for the Paris biannual air show/trade show.

Bad Ideas never die in Miami. Does Mayor Gimenez truly want to put this international air show, every other year, at the landing strip in the Everglades? Why not? All those corporate giants would love to stay in tents and get eaten by mosquitoes (summer in the Everglades remember). I am told he has feelers out.

The Secretary of defense nixed the Homestead base for an air show and Homestead also doesn't offer the amenities rich corporate types want. Actually Fort Lauderdale Airport would be perfect for an Air Show.

Truth be told (on this blog?) Jack Ostetholt first came to Florida to develop the Everglades airstrip as a commercial airport. How long has he been in Florida?

These are the reasons this idea is a colossal mistake and a stupid idea:

1) Environment - No brainer.

2) Too far from hotels in Miami Beach and Miami and this strip is partly in Collier county. The industry felt Homestead would be a hard sell as they felt it was too far from Miami And the beach where aviation executives would want to stay and entertain their clients. So this strip would be an even harder sell.

3) Infrastructure - The glades site has poor access roads and no aprons for aircraft, nor restrooms and other facilities to service at least 50,000 people (Paris has  over 100,000  who attend). Porta Potties?

Also the landing strip does not have the electric power required (they would need generators water, sewers, etc.  All would need to be trucked in or built. )

4)  Only touch and goes are done at site now.

5) Did I mention mosquitoes? Millions of them the end of June. Can you see everyone baking in the sun with mosquitoes swarming?

Mayor Carlos Gimenez also wanted to use Opa Locka airport but the runway is not adequate  and it is adjacent to heavily populated areas (there are accidents at times at these shows).

Does he really want an airshow or is this an excuse for yet another trip to Paris? Pack those berets, here comes the Miami Delegation.


Anonymous said...

He can pay for himself and his staff to go to Paris and I'll contribute to fund if they stay there until after 2016!

I'm so tired of this self serving tax payer funded vacations of public employees and politicians.

He can use his PAC money to pay for it. It will be a drop in the bucket out of that $500K.

G-d help Miami Dade with the current regime drunk on our money and giving away our land.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the swag bags from Boeing and Airbus are GREAT!

Anonymous said...

He looks good in a beret and he's smiling too as he spends our money on himself!

Anonymous said...

After all of the infraatructure is in place after the air show, it can be the new Youth Fair fair grounds!

Who vets this Mayor's ideas?

Anonymous said...

There's a Rolex in it, for the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez gets a $140,000 per year pension and a $150,000 per year salary. Thanks taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I thought they were going to put an ATV park at that site...