Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Accurate is The Miami Herald's Lovefest with Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. By Geniusofdespair

The Miami Herald Lovefest is about this accurate.
Let's ask Michael Schiavo of Clearwater about Jeb (Miami Herald Letter to the editor):

I was disappointed by Michael Putney’s Feb. 6 Other Views column about the legacy of Jeb Bush (First round goes to Jeb, Feb. 4). Putney writes that it was “doctrinaire liberals” who opposed Bush’s involvement in the tragic case of Terri Schiavo — my then-wife.

Who is Putney referring to as the “doctrinaire liberals” who were horrified by the former governor’s intervention in my family’s trauma? The Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist, who refused to take up the governor’s crusade? Republican Senate President Jim King, who fought Bush on passage of “Terri’s Law?” Pinellas County Judge George Greer, a Republican and Southern Baptist, who looked at the evidence of my wife’s case before having his rulings tossed aside by a governor who never met her?

Does he mean me, a registered Republican?

The truth about Jeb Bush is that he used my wife for his own personal political gain. You don’t have to be a doctrinaire liberal to be angry about that. In fact many conservatives were also horrified by Bush’s zealous intervention.

What Bush did was disgraceful and hurtful. He abused the power of government to impose his personal religious beliefs on me and my family. He made life miserable for my family, the doctors and staff at the nursing home, the police — all because he wanted to involve himself in something that both the law and common human decency told him that no government official should have gotten involved in.

And every time he should have stopped, he went further: signing unconstitutional laws; sending state law enforcement to seize my wife; using his brother, the president, to get Congress involved; and making me out to be a monster.

When his own family came under scrutiny, when his daughter was charged with illegally purchasing Xanax, he pleaded for privacy for his family — privacy that he never considered my family to be worthy of.

Jeb Bush had no right to do what he did, and voters should consider what someone who used the power of government to hurt so many would do with the power of the presidency.

Not trusting an elected leader who behaved like Jeb Bush doesn’t make you a conservative or a “doctrinaire liberal.” It makes you a compassionate human being.


Grillo said...

Amen! No one should have to endure what was thrust upon the Schiavo family.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting in that folks like Jeb demand we remain out of their family matters but always seem to be in other peoples for their personal gain. This family and the American people suffered through this just like the Schliavo Family. Now he is running for president.
Oh! I remember Jeb's wife trying to sneak into the USA airport with undeclared clothing from Paris when Jeb was the Governor of Florida.

outofsight said...

I think it was jewelry too... Hmmmm like 10,000 dollars worth?

He was in the front row when Codina and Bush decided to build condos at Deering Bay that over shadowed the townhomes on the opposite side of the canal despite of the neighbors concerns... Bush just sat there and waved at all his commissioner buds. He didn't even have to get up to the podium to ram his project through.

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!!! The truth surely does hurt, doesn't it? Now, if only more people would read this piece by Michael Schiavo. They're too stupid to do so. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change ...

cheap crap from china said...

Oh the stupid people have read the piece by Michael Schiavo, read their stupid, deranged comments in the Herald. They are scary.