Wednesday, February 11, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: The Cuts to Police Personnel, How it affects you. By Geniusofdespair

Currently there are numerous cases where the suspected criminal has been "IDENTIFIED" but the cases are waiting in a drawer at the Latent Unit to be checked by a  Supervisor.

Police support staff were let go by Mayor Gimenez to help balance the budget. Big deal. Do we care? Well I do. Being so short handed makes it so that the unit mostly focuses only on major crimes. They don't have the man-power to focus on Burglaries, which is a probably the crime that affects most of us.

Here is the lowdown on the caseload (I don't understand police lingo very well so excuse any mistakes in that area):

The Latent Unit of Miami Dade County ..."is responsible for evaluating and comparing physical evidence submitted from crime scenes. Latent Print Examiners assigned to the Unit frequently use mechanical, chemical, and forensic light source methods to develop and visualize latent prints from crime scene evidence."

The Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD), Forensic Services Bureau (FSB), services the greater unincorporated Dade County area and 35 of the incorporated municipalities which also include the city of Miami and the city of Miami Beach (total population base circa 2.4 million). The Latent Unit is a part of the Forensic Service Bureau.

Miami-Dade's Latent Unit is running very short-handed, personnel almost cut in half. Before cuts there were 13 Latent Examiners, 2 Lead Workers and the Latent Unit had its own Supervisor. Now, there are 9 examiners (8 workers & 1 lead worker) and they share 1 Supervisor with the Fingerprint Section because of the Mayor’s required cuts. The Lead Worker is busy checking non-identified cases. They also have a current backlog of almost 600 cases which have not been completed by the Latent Examiners yet. These are mostly burglaries. Also, they have about 200 completed non-identified cases waiting for the Lead Worker to check.

Most importantly, they have almost 100 completed and "IDENTIFIED" cases waiting to be checked by the Supervisor. (Mostly Burglaries). This means their reports have not been sent to Detectives or GIU, which means: The bad guys who have already been "identified" are still out there committing crimes and not being arrested because no one knows that they have been identified! Some of these identified cases are 2-3 months old.


Anonymous said...

All those cuts had to go somewhere, good to know where some of them went.
This is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is easier to shoot at people than do work that can identify real criminals. Where are the priorities of the Mayor? Why isn't he cutting large salaries and too many bureaucrats in the county instead of police work that can actually identify criminals?

Anonymous said...

Burglaries are child's play. How many untested rape kits does the county have? Anybody?

Upset Citizen said...

I love your blog, but before bashing anyone, please collect all facts, not just those that the PBA forwards you. First, while the police budget has been cut, we cant blame everything on the Mayor....the MDPD has there own budget "bureau" who spends at their will OUR tax dollars. A few questions to ask:

1. Why are there MDPD Officers in Latin America training other agencies? Regardless of who funds it, are they not hired to patrol the streets of Miami Dade? Leave foreign relations to the Feds please.
2. Why buy helicopters that have a 30% higher operating cost than the Jet Ranger (Previous Airframe). They will tell you its because the Jet Ranger has no "airlift" capability. What they fail to tell you is they have an understanding with DHS to use the UH-60s sitting at Homestead Air Force Base (2 pretty ones sitting and witing). What about MDFR and the Bell 214's sitting at Opa Locka and Tamiami. Most local governments with the interest of the taxpayer in mind utilize helicopters for police and paramedic duties (BSO, NYPD, etc). Only we have to pay for separate air staff's.
3. Why do e pay for three SWAT teams? Last I checked they are a PD serving a suburban area. No other agency in the south east wastes that much money for a bunch of guys to stay in a gym all day. Look at BSO and follow their example; we may save some money.
4. The PBA has more paid officers on it staff than three police departments in Miami Dade have in there own agency. Why do we have to pay to staff individuals whose focus is to continue to rid our wallets of what money we have?
5. We can go for hours and I dont have the patience. I value this blog greatly, but nly when you cover the entire problem. Before criticizing government officials, please look at the whole arguement.

Anonymous said...

The science and technology is so advanced now that if you were at the crime scene, they can pretty much identify you. The typical strategy with these budget cuts is to cut where it hurts the public the most. I remember for years the first thing on the chopping block was food for the elderly.

Anonymous said...

The public has caught on that pay and benefits for union members and for public sector employees in general is excessive. Lots of pay for not so much work. Ever see 3-4 cop cars at a CVS or a donut shop with cops standing around gossiping about their pay? Yup. Me too.

Anonymous said...

looks like Lynda bell is still upset about her lost election. Those police cars look great with paint and decals missing

Anonymous said...

being a cop these days is great; dont be mad at your shitty career choice.

Anonymous said...

What does Lynda Bell have to do with weak leadership at the Police Department?
She was a commissioner, not an administrator.

outofsight said...

Lots of Asses posting on here. I am guessing that there are people posting who were on the wrong side of the rules.

Police are a necessary part of our life and if you have ever had to depend on them to save your sorry butts, you would be a bit more grateful.

I know who I want to do my crime scene investigation and its not some backwoods unprofessional police organization. And if I need help or I am being threatened, I want to hear those sirens more than hearing MD-TV or hearing the vacant words coming from the politicians mouths during public meetings.

If you want to cut expenses, why do you start with the county TV station? Eliminate the pages of crud stuffed in county bills...Why don't you eliminate all the "feel good" give-aways and all the ribbon cuttings with the big scissors? ...O wait, those things help the mayor and his friends get re-elected.

Crime doesn't matter unless you are the one affected. The county staff and elected officials aren't affected by what you think about police services, unless you make them care.

youbetcha' said...

Out of Sight has the point:

The number of calls for service matter. While calling every little incident causes mounds of paper, every case number matters.

Never allow an responding officer "No Report" an incident in your life. Those numbers are how police officers allocated to communities and hired if needed.

Go to Crime Mapping, and learn how to use it.

Print out your community crimes in a list form or map form and pay the Mayor a visit.

Visit your Commissioner. Talk to your neighbors and the press. DO NOT "no report" anything, it will not show up in the map or statistics anywhere.

If something happens to you or your property call the police. It is their job to note it and your job to tell it.

If a crime is "No Reported" it didn't happen and crime patterns cannot be seen in the community. And then the Mayor can tell you in his State of the County address that crime is down.

Don't be Duped.

Anonymous said...

the police union was given the choice, and they choose to get fatter raises instead of maintaining staffing levels.

put the blame where it belongs, on the police union.

Bucky said...

Please don't tell us there is a shortage of money for county police services. There were 1,324 employees in the Miami-Dade Police Department who were paid more than $100,000 in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Bucky: show us.

And show us their seniority and their education.

Filter out the bozo's that mis-use OT -- and look at the those officers that are straight salary. And NO they don't make 100k as newbies.

Bucky, go to work and get your ass shot at (maybe even shot). Then tell us that a police officer shouldn't have the ability earn money for protecting us, being highly trained and many cases, college educated.

I am just saying.

Anonymous said...

Too many police officers are eating donuts and waiting for the overtime checks. Too little actual policing going on.

Anonymous said...

the last post is right. come to homestead or fla city. you'd be lucky to leave alive. plenty of cops but no where to be found.