Monday, February 16, 2015

Ask FPL: what is the medicine every South Florida family should have on its shelves? They won't say, but EOM will … by gimleteye

Other states with nuclear reactors require -- and some utilities do it themselves on their own dime -- distribution of potassium iodide in the case of a nuclear event. Not Florida and not FPL.

What potassium iodide does is block the uptake of radiation in the thyroid. It's of major importance for children and pregnant women, because the undeveloped thyroid, once it absorbs radiation, becomes the place where cancer grows.

If you think FPL "cares" about its customers' health with respect to a nuclear event at Turkey Point, then why hasn't FPL distributed this commonly available life-saver to South Floridians.

You can buy potassium iodide on Amazon for $6.99. Click here.

The reason, why? If it ever becomes necessary, through a nuclear event at Turkey Point, to take potassium iodide; you are not going to be able to get your hands on its fast enough to guarantee no exposure to your loved one and family.

Take the lesson of Fukushima to heart: both the media and the electric utility have failed to tell the public the facts of the nuclear event, first while it was happening, and now, the consequences through exploding cancer rates especially in vulnerable populations. Don't wait.

We are happy to be of this public service, because your local government and FPL will not.


Geniusofdespair said...

I wore about the cherry flavored pills for the little ones.

Geniusofdespair said...

Sorry it is a syrup.


Prevention of thyroid gland injury due to radiation:
Solution: 65 and 325 mg/5 ml. Concentrated Solution: 1 g/ml
Infants of less than 1 month: 16.25 mg by mouth once daily. Maximum one dose per day.
Infants of 1 month to children of 3 years of age: 32.5 mg by mouth once daily. Maximum one dose per day.
Children of 3 to 12 years of age: 65 mg by mouth once daily. Maximum one dose per day.

Alexandria said...

Thanks for the heads up. Turkey Point needs to be Shut Down. The plant has been neglected for years. Turkey Point is heating up and the acronyms are bailing SFWMD just washed their hands of oversight throwing the hot potato at FDEP. FPL does not care about anything except Money. Every FPL executive and paid off political hack knows the grid was neglected while they took their insane salaries and gave 20% Bernie Madoff returns. The ponzi scheme was just to easy and our lives never meant squat.