Wednesday, February 04, 2015

New Names on Our Earned Wrath List: Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas J. Mulvihill and U.S. Attorney Wifredo Antonio Ferrer. By Geniusofdespair

Wifredo A. Ferrer, US Attorney, Mulvihill's boss. For once we don't have to blame Katherine Fernandez Rundle for a screw up.

Ana Alliegro and Former Congressman David Rivera

Get this investigation out of Thomas J. Mulvihill's hands before the statute of limitations runs out.

When someone in jail asserts that her co-conspirator is being given the white glove treatment you know something is wrong (from the Miami Herald- too hard to find the link), Ana Alliegro said:

"I think Mulvihill is the reason he (David Rivera) hasn't been charged."

Now digest that for a minute. This woman gave Mulvihill all the material he needed including (according to the Miami Herald): " hour long Dec. 18 testimony and a mountain of evidence; corroborating witnesses, a trove of emails, a handwritten note from Rivera and even fingerprints. Also a federal judge last year demanded that Rivera be named in open court."

What the hell is holding things up? Even Ana Alliegro wants to know as she sat in jail (with Sternad the dupe).

I will tell you. I think it is because David Rivera's best friend is Marco Rubio....for years. They owned a house together in Tallahassee and let it foreclose together. They both lived in it TOGETHER. Rivera was in the waiting room at the birth of all 4 of Marco Rubio's children. Rivera is the man that can bring Marco Rubio's presidential plans to a halt. He taught him how to be sleazy. Alliegro calls Rivera a "sociopath".  And he has been Rubio's best friend. Hmmm. Doesn't say much for Marco Rubio's character. If you doubt they are best friends just watch this video.

(watch on YouTube)

We want action on David Rivera, Wifredo Antonio Ferrer: NOW!


Anonymous said...

Of course it is Rubio holding things up.

Tony said...

Shame on these men for botching up this investigation and letting the little guy and gal take the fall. We have to expose Rubio's Friendship with this psycopath Rivera.Rubio cannot escape this. Rivera knows too much about him that is why it is hands off.

Anonymous said...

Nobody botched anything.. this is a Mexican stand off at the highest level. who has more dirt on who and who wants to use it first because one thing's for sure in Miami politics... payback's a bitch and you never want to burn someone you may need later,

Anonymous said...

But what they don't understand about Miami politics is that eventually, it all comes out. All conspirators and co- conspirators are revealed before it is over. Whether they go to jail, that is another thing.

Anonymous said...

Ana should write a tell all book, that is another way to get it out, then have a movie script written and call it Cuban American Hustle!

Anonymous said...

U.S. Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer is a political animal who knows where his bread is buttered. He is not about to do anything that will hurt his chances at higher office. It is downright shameful. This is the same U.S. Attorney who turns a blind eye at all of the corruption carried out by Katherine Fernandez Rundle and all of the dirty politicians in this area who steal elections with fraudulent absentee ballots and rob us of our tax dollars with constant bid rigging violations. The U.S. Department of Justice should remove Ferrer from his post.

Anonymous said...

I believe everyone is overthinking this.
Rubio and Rivera parted ways a very long time ago. Mulvihill asked then-congressman Rivera to help him out; Rivera didn't.
Ana fell madly in love with this sleazeball (by the way so did a lot of other women!) hoping he would marry her; he didn't.
The common denominator here is David's endless lies, schemes, hypocrisy and evil. He probably doesn't have anything on any of them, but he lets them think he does.

When he and Marcelo Llorente were co-chairs of the Appropriation Committee, he promised everyone everything they asked for - in exchange for a donation to his campaign. Folks paid up; Rivera did nothing.

I never understood what women saw in him. In Tallahassee they called him Mr. Bean!

Gen. Noriega said...

And everyone here will be cheering the USAO once the indictments come...and they will come.

Yes, the USAO should rush their case because....bloggers are upset. Yes! Exactly.


What little worlds we live in sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You don't get it. Everyone in Florida knows that David Rivera didn't just make a deal with the devil but is the devil himself in human form. Everyone says it.

He isn't going to Jail! El Diablo Rivera has way too many of Rubio's secrets in his closet.

Anonymous said...

I just wish this crowd would stop pimping JESUS and GOD.

Anonymous said...

You're right. It's all about Marco and the media is giving him a free pass on the Rivera connection just like it's giving Jebster a free pass on his claim that he now the "moderate" GOP candidate. It's all bullshit but at least EOM is willing to say so publicly.

Anonymous said...

G. o. D: What can we, common folk do to pressure the courts to indict this man?

Anonymous said...

Great piece of reporting! You are doing a fine job of keeping the pot stirred. Keep up the good work!

Amicus Riley said...

I find it astounding that anyone would believe a single word Ms. Alliegro says.

I find it even more astounding that her allegations would find their way into The Herald almost completely unchallenged.

Maybe it's taking so long because too much rests on the testimony of Ms. Alliegro or even Sternard, the straw candidate.

Anselmo Alliegro said...

"Amicus Riley" should know that the AUSA has analytical, documentary, and testimonial evidence from several sources. They have plenty to prosecute. Something or someone is holding back the process. Everyone is entitle to their own believe, including the astounded Mr. Riley.