Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Gun Show in Western Miami. By Geniusofdespair

What can I say about guns? I went to the show yesterday.  I did bring in two rifles without even having to give my name.  The bumper stickers were ghastly. There was some disrespectful representations of President Obama near the first Nazi flag I have pictured. I stood there and gave the men a disapproving look which I assume burned into their very souls.  Lol, I don't think they were big on soul searching.

Very few African Americans were in attendance. Only saw one pink gun. I bought one thing - a Lenin Pin as a collectable. Many of you have called me a socialist/communist. I forget why.

I was surprised to see two Nazi flags displayed in a public building -- I was at that stupid fairgrounds FIU wants for expansion. I should have stood in front of the Nazi flags with my rifle.They put a plastic band on the firing mechanism...that would one. There were plenty of bullets around if I wanted to shoot. If they are "Patriots" I want no part of patriotism.


Anonymous said...

The Nazi flags and antigovernment demeanor is an affront to most Americans. How does the Jewish community react to the Nazi flag? There is freedom of speech, and everyone has a right to their opinions, but some of this mentality seems to be over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Sold guns they didn't ask...just paid

Anonymous said...

Chilax those are captured artifacts sure there were samurai swords and other enemy memoribilia. If I can out up with Che lover t shirts and "Lenin pins" you can put with Nazi memorabilia.
Or is tolerance I only for others and not for you
and yes I find Nazis just as disgusting as murdering commies
Did they have any Mao pins?

Geniusofdespair said...

Mao pin --- should have looked.

Anonymous said...

Owners of guns are being set up for half a million in legal fees if they ever fire their weapon. Not to mention the civil lawsuit. Just ask Mr. Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

Now wait one minute, you find the Nazi flag offensive but yet support the right of some misguided youth to openly wear a Che Guevara t-shirt at Versaille's for the sole purpose of insulting old Cuban Americans. If you are willing to buy Lenin pins and fight for the rights of ignorant fools to wear offensive shirts then you should not be offended by nazi flags. You cannot have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Those gun shows are eye opening. There may be more weaponry in that building than many small countries have. And with the amount of people in attendance and buying what they buy, it's safe to say Miami-Dade, would never fall to ISIS. It's enough to make even the most liberal of liberals think twice about "getting in the game."

Skip Van Cel said...

So this is why Sweetwater needed that grenade launcher.

Johnny Appleseed said...

I see that a couple of Miamah's Cuban exile community became Eye on Miami readers for a day. And they're defending the display of the Nazi flag by people who wouldn't think twice when slurring the Cuban-American community because MURICA!, don't you know.

But then, they would also embrace Charlie Manson if he called Castro a sumbitch.

Geniusofdespair said...

I hate to tell you this, I never wrote about a Che Guevara shirt and do not support the wearing of Che shirts anywhere in Miami. so stop that rumor. If my blog partner wrote about it I did not read it.

Anonymous said...

Hitler killed:

5.1 Million Jews (roughly 50% of them Polish Jews)
-2.5 million Poles
-200,000-1 million Sinti/Roma (Gypsies)
-At least 200,000 disabled in the official Euthanasia campaigns of 1939-41
- 10,000 Homosexuals
-At least 200,000 "Aryan" German prisoners
-200,000 Occupied territory (Non-Jew and Non-Russian)

Geniusofdespair said...

So Castro killed in the tens of thousands, what is the point. Who is more evil?

Anonymous said...

How do ghetto kids get access to automatic weapons? It seems like every 14 to 16 year old in the urban core has a Glock or some sort of machine gun like automatic weapon.

CATO said...

I agree with G.O.D. numbers don't matter the killing of anyone due to their ethnicity or beliefs (or lack there of) is wrong, regardless of the numbers. Hitler is guilty of this as are Che, Mao,Lenin, Czar Nicholas II, Ceausescu, Stalin, Batista, Bin Laden, Avraham Stern and yes Fidel Castro.

As for gun shows I recently attended one and purchased a firearm I have a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit which I produced and I was subjected to a Background Check before I was allowed to purchase a small handgun (no complaints). So please lets stick to the facts.

I am repulsed by Nazi flags and by Che Tshirts but I understand that there are strange people on this planet (too many), as long as they're non violent we should tolerate them, not necessarily respect their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

How do people not understand that someone can be offended and disgusted with the Nazi crap, and Che crap, etc, but still know that the people who want to have it have every right under our Constitution?
I find it sickening, but same way they can have it, I can call them a**holes.
People have a right to free speech and expression. There is nothing that gives me a right to not be offended by what they say.
I'm offended, I think they're trash, but they can display it.

Homestead Resident said...

I cannot imagine stepping into that building. Creeps me out. I own a antique 22 and M-16 and I have no desire to hold them nor shoot them.