Saturday, January 10, 2015

Helen Ferre and Frank Nero: Interview about jobs and game changing projects for Miami. By Geniusofdespair

Helen Ferre and Frank Nero: Interview about jobs and game changing projects for Miami. I hope the Mayor is listening...Nero believes education is a big factor in choice of relocating companies.

Watch on YouTube

I always say "Watch the damn video (this is a short one for a TV show - 9 minutes).

I got an email a few days ago, and the person said: "By the way, I watch the damn videos."

Frank Nero is a good guy, smart, too smart maybe for our County Government. Maybe that is why many think he had a superiority issue. He had contempt for the dumb such as Lynda Bell and the Mayor and he didn't try to hide it. That is why Nero was forced out.


TerreG said...

I have no use for Ms. Ferre in
English or in Spanish. She projects very different and opposite images in her TV and radio programs. In Issues (Channel 2 in English) she seems to be a very nice, well informed, intelligent, non partisan program host. In her Spanish radio program (WQBA in Spanish) she sounds like a shill for the Tea Party with ample use of the usual insulting and questionable buzz words and innuendos. She lost a faithful watcher and listener of her two programs.

Geniusofdespair said...

I have heard many people agree with your assessment. Her Herald column is mostly a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Earlier this year she came out against the Affordable Care Act, a callous and selfish opinion in line with tea party/GOP positions that would deny health care to the working poor and middle class.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nero is a Monday morning quarterback, he did little to provide economic development during his tenure at the Beacon Council. He would go off to the Paris Air show in the spring and never bring back the bacon. South Florida post secondary schools are excellent and he is no one to say that we do not have a pipeline of graduates to supply large employers. His in ability to broker deals has due to his willing and dealing behind the scene to help family and friends position themselves to benefit form the deal. Large corporation do not play that game. Lucky that he was never indicted.

Anonymous said...

sorry but you are wrong.

Frank Nero was forced out because the Beacon Council has created very little for the trip-county area. Can you name a real big employer that The Beacon Council actually brought in?

I'll wait.

If you look at Orlando or Jacksonville, they are killing us.

Anonymous said...

He mentioned the $75 Million dollar Bond grant. Under his watch, zero dollars were spent over almost a 10 year span.

This guy is a joke.

Geniusofdespair said...

So what if he didn't use the money we don't pay if we don't use it. It was during the downturn and there were no game changing projects that wanted to come to Miami which was more in a slump and other places. We already went through all this. I would rather not use a bond than waste it and then have to pay for it -- that is what we are doing now.

Geniusofdespair said...

I asked Frank about your comments:

Univision fusion network my last big project $250,000,000 capital investment 300 jobs avg. salary $81,000 data center .. HBO Latin America ..Telefonica data center .. Oceania cruise line headquarters ..
Retention of Ryder.. Burger King Headquarters ..Interval international .. Flight safety Boeing .. Air Bus training center. Etc etc.. 500 companies. 50,000 jobs .. The record(annual Reports ) lists them all for over 16 years .
I also initiated and completed the Development of one community one Goal (OCOG) economic development strategic plan.
I was pushed out because of my opposition to gambling and various proposals.

Our Results were independently audited yearly.
My contract was renewed without a dissenting vote.

Under my leadership BC was one of only 23 certified economic development agencies in the county and consistently was named as one of top five economic development organizations in the country

Anonymous said...

Is it smarter to look down your nose at everyone and get fired, or is it smarter to understand the atmosphere in which you work and work the system from within?

There are a lot of unemployed people who think they are smarter than everyone else.