Thursday, January 15, 2015

Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava off to a good start. By Geniusofdespair

Here is some good legislation she is considering: According to Miami Today she wants LOCAL products to have preference in the County. One area that would benefit is the local fruit and vegetable growers. Local hospitals, etc. would use the local products instead of imported.

The Publix labeling of Redland products has been a disaster. It was a big campaign a few years ago. They don't promote local produce. Neither does Whole Foods. I would pay more for local.  Levine Cava said: "Every time we use our money at home we are having a multiplier effect."

We should also be giving farmers money in exchange for giving up development rights. It would go a long way to keep farming viable.

Also those stupid economic game changers the dopey Commission voted on (Skyrise - 9 million and Miami Wilds - $13.5 million - to be built on sensitive land), Levine-Cava wants a deadline on them for July. Remember Flagstone in the city of Miami on Watson Island - it is going on its 13th year. She wants to avoid that sort of thing happening at the County.

Levine-Cava wants no money given out until negotiations are complete between the Mayor and the Developers on the thresholds the Developers are to meet.  I believe this is in committee today at 2pm.  I wouldn't give them a damn cent but that's just me.


Anonymous said...

Flagstone Island Gardens proposed for Watson Island is going on 14 years and they have never put a shovel in the ground. It would have been killed due to defaulting on their contract BUT Marc Sarnoff has kept it alive as Flagstone's campaign contributions keep him alive. Good for Cava for giving these scammers deadlines.

Anonymous said...

Basic common sense ideas that cut through the bogus layers of government processes put in place from past deals.

Anonymous said...

Helping farmers be more successful is a noble cause. Farming is so important.

Anonymous said...

Too bad she can't do anything about the debacle that is occurring at marine stadium. $16 million for the area surrounding it and no definite commitment from the boat show. So typical of Miami. (damnit)

suz said...

Wonderful photo. :}

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for our good leaders ! She has proven not only that she is brilliant but a good person who wants to protect the community .I sure hope she will be able to help Com. Suarez in the upcoming fight with FECI over the Ludlam Trail !