Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What is this nonsense about Jeb Bush being "too moderate"? … by gimleteye

Inventing reality by way of rewriting history is a signpost of the extremist GOP. Exhibit One: Jeb Bush.

As governor, Jeb Bush was narrow-minded and to his opposition; mean spirited. Dan Gelber, senate minority leader for part of Jeb's eight years in the executive mansion, told the Wall Street Journal recently, "… on issues including guns, taxes, education and abortion, the former governor led from the right. “Anyone who woke up in Florida every morning knew that Jeb Bush was not a moderate,” he said. “You could check every single box." Gelber is 100 percent correct.

So why does the media persist in maintaining the public perception that Jeb Bush is a moderate Republican?

Bush's handlers have two problems gaining the White House. First, he has to survive the carnival show of a Republican primary if 2012 was any example. Then, he has to prevail in a general election with voters who, nationally, are far more moderate.

For Jeb to win a general election, he has to be recast and judging by its recent performance -- marked mostly by laziness -- the media will help him.

To the Republican base who vote in the primary, Jeb will prove he is conservative enough. That's hardly a stretch if judged by his willingness as governor to draw and quarter his political opposition in order to achieve predetermined results. Expect a lot of "code" during this first phase of the Bush operation.

Unless the mainstream media casts a more critical eye on Jeb's true history -- instead of what's made up by consultants, advisors and loyalists -- in 2016 the Jeb Bush campaign will be framed around a "joyful" moderate Republican who never existed in his previous political life: reborn, rebranded and unrepentant.


Johnny Appleseed said...

Have you actually talked to any Republicans today? The "base" consists of over 60's who want to bring back the America of the 40's and 50's. They sat on their asses and did nothing as blacks drank from separate fountains and were summarily fire hosed in Alabama. THAT is today's Republican base. Fox News watching borderline Birchers who are so far right in their thinking that Republicans like Jeb look like Democrats to them.

They feel alienated from today's America and identify with no one except their fellow Fox News watchers.

Talk to one of these people and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jeb is too far right? From where Gelber stands EVERYONE is to the right.

I think what conservatives are saying, that in a field of maybe 30 possible candidates, Jeb may be seen as liberal especially on immigration and education.

Who has the left got? Hillary? Talk about recycling.

Anonymous said...

Jeb is already being pushed by the corporate "People" as mainstream. Publix cleaned out a whole rack of large bean cans and filled it up with Busch refried beans, working on name recognition must start early, you know.

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush is friends and business partners with that creep Ronnie Krongold. Ronnie Krongold is the promoter of Jungle Island who owes over $50 Million to various lenders including the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County.

Anonymous said...

Over 55 white men can't die soon enough to end this republican nonsense. (and I'm a white man...).

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush supported his RINO dad's huge tax increase. He supports amnesty for illegal aliens. He supports commie core. He is a liberal RINO Republican just like your buddy Charlie Crist.

Anonymous said...

No he isn't. As governor he was conservative to the point creating havoc and destruction, much chaos, and hurting many people. He is trying to hide who he really is. But we know who he really is. His record shows it all.

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush tried to force that poor woman's family and the health care system to keep her alive and in a miserable coma. What a dinosaur. Is that what Jeb stands for?