Monday, November 03, 2014

TOMORROW: VOTE … by gimleteye

Voters are a small subset we appeal to, 365 days a year.

And within that "voter" subset, the number who get information by reading -- and not television political ads -- is even smaller.

In very close elections hope rests with voters who read reaching out to other voters who read.

This blog is a contribution to civic life and our tattered democracy. We've written and sometimes repeated everything that needs to be said about tomorrow's election.

To our family of readers, our request is simple: pass along the Eye On Miami link/url to your family, friends and those who may be inclined to vote tomorrow.

Ours is a simple message: vote for Charlie Crist and Florida Democrats to put some brake on the extremist right controlling the state legislature and Congress.

Vote FOR Amendment One -- to use a percentage of the documentary stamp receipts on real estate transactions to protect Florida's natural heritage -- and FOR Amendment Two, giving relief to the sick and infirm who can benefit from medical marijuana. Make sure you vote NO on Amendment 3 that is a power grab, allowing the outgoing Governor the privilege of making Judicial appointments of Judges, when their term isn't even up.

We can do this for Florida. Pass the word along.



Anonymous said...

Please Vote No on #169 the $393 Mil Courthouse Bond issue. Miami Herald's Doug Hanks writes the County's Debt Service will double or more in the next few years. $393 Mil might go to the FEC group or another well connected developer leaving taxpayers with a $800 Mil bill and a leased courthouse. There are other options.

Anonymous said...

The excitement continues! Yesterday we had a big finish with the last day of early voting where 16,486 people closed it out. In the end, North Dade Regional Library finished number one with 8,507 votes. North Miami Public Library came in second place with 7,873 votes, and third place was West Dade Regional Library with 7,816 votes. Early voting resulted in total of 116,905 votes.

In terms of absentee ballots, three days ago elections reported 167,299 absentee had been returned, representing 60% of the absentee ballots mailed out.

In looking at the totals so far, there were 116,905 early votes, and three days ago 167,299 absentee votes, for a combined total of 284,204 votes. Of the 1.3 million voters in the county, that represents 21.9 % or 22% of the vote.

Voters have today to get ready for Tuesday. Write out how you are going to vote on a piece of paper, so you won't hold up the line. People who live in the mega precincts with between 5,000 -7,000 voters in them should go early. But also know that there are many precincts with between 3,000-5,000 voters, and some with a few hundred voters.

Bring water and lawn chairs. Don't forget to put current pictures of your grandchildren in your wallet, and look presentable. Who knows, you may get a date! WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST SOCIAL EVENT OF THE SEASON.


Anonymous said...

The race is close - If you want a progressive FLorida that looks forward, with clean energy, fairness, a beautiful environment, health care and quality education and opportunitie for all, you will help support Charlie Crist today to bring it home with a great turnout tomorrow election day.

Go to

Some local offices. Just stop by and ask how you can help!

Little Havana
2206 SW 8th Street
Miami FL 33135

6.3 mile(s)
4055 NW 97th Avenue
First Floor
Doral FL 33178

Charlie Crist Pinecrest Field Office 11315 S. Dixie Highway, Pinecrest Florida

Anonymous said...

Because of Scott's and republicans attempts to hinder voters, we now have Voter ID Laws. When you go to the polls you must present an ID with your name, photo, and signature on it. These IDs are acceptable:

-FL Driver's License
-FL ID issued by Dept. Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
-Public Assistance ID
-US Passport
-Military ID
-Student ID
-Debit or Credit card
-Retirement Center ID
-Neighborhood Association ID

Your voter card mailed to you from Elections is helpful, but you must have one of the IDs listed above.

Polls are open 7 am to 7 pm.

Anonymous said...

We have Voter ID because politicians in FL are corrupt. In order to have corrupt politicians the citizens must be willing to be corrupted. A registered voter can be corrupted in how they vote and likewise a non-registered voter be corrupted to vote.

We have voter ID to protect all the citizens - to make sure their vote, Dem or Rep, counts and has value.

Anonymous said...

last anon - that's horseshit and you know it in your tiny little heart.

if voter id was created because politicians are corrupt, why did they pass it? wouldn't it make sense that they'd fight it and it would require a referendum to make it so? your lack of common sense astounds.

Anonymous said...

In just 24 hours election results will begin to roll, politicians will be elected by the people, and nothing we could do after 7 pm on Tuesday, November 4 will affect change.

Our future will be sealed, at least for a while.

I have been thinking a lot about Rick Scott being a couple of points below CHARLIE CRIST, and wondering if Floridians had amnesia, didn't remember or were not here when CHARLIE CRIST RAN OUR STATE TO THE GROUND?

Perhaps they didn't experience what Floridians lived through in the Charlie Crist era, or have drank the Kool-Aid.

Most of us voted already, and by now we are very tired; but rest can come tomorrow after 7 pm. Not now.

We have 24 hours to get everyone we know to vote, to call family & friends, to give others a ride to a precint, to pray.

And if we do all we can to affect change, we will be at peace with results, because we did our part, and left the rest to the Lord.

In 24 hours it will be over. Will we get what we deserve?

Anonymous said...

By many editorial boards across the state Rick Scott has been called the Worst. Governor. Ever.
Perhaps the barrage of ads has caused some voters to choose Scott again. As for the rest of us, we are voting for Crist and the rest of the democratic ticket for a progressive future for Florida, for an administration that will care for our natural treasures and provides opportunity and care for all it's people, not just the elite or power brokers, for elected officials that respect women's rights, students rights, minorities rights.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with young adults in their families make sure they go out and vote today and bring five friends with them. For their future vote for Crist!

Caffeine Clicks said...

I vote last Thursday, I hope my fellow Floridians are just as motivated. We need socially responsible policies and a Governor willing to back them.

Anonymous said...

Another thing: Crist's running mate Annette Taddeo is much smarter than homeboy Lopez-Cantera. His superficial Miami roots show, bro. And they ain't good.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Crist is bad, but Annette Tadeo is an even bigger joke. Poor woman.

Anonymous said...

Lopez-Cantera might have made a great Property Appraisor.