Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Statement of Commissioner Xavier Suarez on the Ludlam Trail. By Geniusofdespair

I take this opportunity to impress upon you the following points, which were reinforced in a meeting I just finished with Ms. Vale and Mr. Formoso.

My observations and recommendations relate only to the portion of the Ludlam Trail that is in my district and that extends from SW 48th St to 80th St. (roughly 2.5 miles).

The premise is that the increase in density, unless it is restricted to the nodes abutting the three main intersections (Miller, Sunset and 80th/Dadeland), cannot be left to future adjustments, but must be presently determined, as part of the CDMP process. The corollary of that premise is that a vote to transmit at this time, with the increase in density, means that future efforts at land acquisition will carry with them a higher property value, and become even more prohibitive for government.

Based on the above, I strongly recommend that you take command of the segment affecting the above-mentioned strip, with a view to accomplishing the following:

1. Maintenance or even reduction to zero (in effect, to pure recreational uses) of the density in the residential segments of the 2.5 miles.

2. Explicit concentration of density in areas already zoned accordingly, i.e., abutting the major intersectional nodes.

3. Negotiation with both county and neighbors (numbering a bit more than 100 single-family owners) so as to purchase for public use and maintenance either the totality of the residential part of the 2.5 strip or at least half of the strip.

It is a mistake to treat the entire 6-plus miles of the trail as one. I urge you to revise that strategy, or face continued and increasing neighborhood opposition.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration hereof, I remain

Very Truly Yours,
Xavier L. Suarez


in the audience said...

All the bad guys are there, Truly Burton, Gonzalo Sanabria, Juan Mayol, Joe Goldsteion. Disappointing public presence.

Anonymous said...

What happened at the county commission today with this?

Anonymous said...

Deferred for lack of quorum -- up next December 4.

Anonymous said...

What on earth does the statement mean, it sounds like the park/library ballot question.

Anonymous said...

Hi Genius, In response to CHAIRLADY Sosa telling me that her districts residents that live adjacent to the trail were so sick of the crime that they would rather see all houses and no trail, I surveyed 141 single family and duplex households that back up to the tracks between Bird on the south and Tamiami Canal Drive on the north. I asked them if they preferred housing(6 in favor) or a bike and pedestrian park (130 in favor). the second question asked them if fear of crime would make then want housing. Again 4 chose housing and 129 chose a park. The third question asked them Ito choose between housing and railroad, the existing use. 15 chose housing and 115 chose railroad. If you would like a PDF of the survey send an email to my City email address. Bicycle Bob Conclusion: The statement by CHAIRLADY Sosa and a West Miami official about residents who live next to the old railbed being so tired of crime, delinquency, drug use, prostitution that they would prefer housing is like Bush2's worry about WMD's.

Anonymous said...

PS Could it be that the root cause about the crime on FEC property is caused by the prostitution on SW 8 St, which neither the County, the City of Miami or the City of West Miami has the political will to spend the money necessary to stop it