Thursday, November 13, 2014

News Flash for Christian Family Coalition Members. By Geniusofdespair

Are those boobs real? Let me look up that skirt.

Guard wanted for restroom ID.
Unless you post a guard at the door of restrooms unzipping pants and looking up skirts (also checking operation records), the odds are, you have already peed next to a transgender person dozens of times. If you are so worried about the prospect (that has already happened to you unknowingly) don't use public restrooms. Restroom Horror Stories...I'm scared. Verdugo would want them to wear a big "T" on their shirt.

The subject of housing discrimination for transgender people was voted on in committee yesterday at the Miami Dade County Commission and where you pee was the main concern of the audience of mostly Christian Family Coalition members (Anthony Verdugo's anti-gay group).

I guess I had better start peeking at the parts of others in the restroom so I can raise holy hell if I see the wrong one. I am going to start printing cards, not transgender, so I can get ahead of the game.


Anonymous said...

the crazy thing about the whole argument of worrying about a sexual predator dressed as a woman going into the ladies room to assault an innocent person is that anyone can do that now without regard to an antidiscrimination law.
a new ordinance is not going to open the floodgates to predators now, all of a sudden, think they can dress as women to go into bathroom stalls to assault women.

a predator can do that without a county ordinance.

logically unsound argument and I kinda feel sorry for ignorance of the pitchfork and torch wielding townfolk who were bussed into that meeting.

From a law enforcement and public safety perspective you want these laws on the books as yet one more step of having society ratchet down the fear/hate feelings as a means of reducing violence by having more messages of equality and acceptance.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the transgender doesn’t have to be dressed as a woman.

Why is it that if a person has concerns or wants to simple protect his/her family from something they do not agree with they are vilified or laughed at as ignorant?

This is the new America……keep your mouth shut and move along. Well I am not down with that plan.

Anonymous said...

many persons wanted to protect his/her family from blacks in bathrooms and water fountains and elevators-- whites did not agree with them in the old south

hitler wanted to protect his family from jehovahs witnesses and gypsies-- he did not agree with them

Anonymous said...

Many might find offensive the statement above. The plight of blacks, jews, women, and even the homosexual community can not be, nor should be seen under the same lens. Where in Miami Dade are the cases of mass executions? Lynchings?

How many transgender’s have been gassed? Hung from a tree?

Where is the line drawn?? Why not just saw human being can no be discriminated against, why the special category??

Anonymous said...

The question is, "Do they have a penis or a vagina? If they still have a penis, they go to the men's restroom. If they have cut their penis off, they can go to the women's restroom.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon white, heterosexual males will have to sit inside their house all day and dare not step out in order not to offend any special group's "rights". We are all protected equally under the Constitution and the fact that you are of a cetain sex, "race", "ethnicity" or sexual orientation does not make you special. If you have a penis go to the men's room; if a vagina go to the ladies. Problem solved. Move on.

Anonymous said...

What if you look, talk, act, dress, etc like a woman but your trapped in a man's body - with a penis? The person is a woman for all other purposes. If you dont want to be compassionate then be a bit selfish. Would you feel comfortable whipping it out next to he/she at the bathroom trough? Guys be real. You wouldnt feel a tad bit comfortable. We all know there are guys trapped in women's body. Let them go to the ladies room. New Alert: they are not interested in girls! Have compassion for these people marginalized by society.

Anonymous said...

By our definition, irrespective of those things, if he still had a penis, he should technically go to the men's restroom. I think in the future, maybe urinals where everyone can see everyone's penis should be eliminated, and they go into individual private stalls.

Anonymous said...

So for the sake of a small minority we ought to rename "men" and "women" public bathrooms and just use the term "all urinate here" to identify a location where one can relieve oneself. Where does common sense kick in? What will they be asking for next?