Monday, November 10, 2014

Jeb Bush will run … by gimleteye

Money was the determinant factor in the mid-term election, propelling Congress into the hands of right wing, science-rejecting extremists. It was a good day for Jeb Bush whose conservative fundamentalism -- my way or the highway -- set the path forward for the Tea Party.

It is a given that GOP money will find its way to a Jeb Bush presidential run. So on the campaign checklist, money remains at the top of the list but not far below; the happy result of the 2014 race for governor in Florida.

This close race, between a disliked governor and a mistrusted challenger, swung on a final week injection of $12 million from Scott's fortune.

It was also a gift to Jeb. If the coalition had materialized, that swung Florida for Obama in 2010, in favor of Crist and not Scott, Jeb might have reason to hesitate on a presidential run.

If Crist had won, a powerful platform would have been available to Democrats from which to criticize the Bush benchmarks of "compassionate conservatism" and challenge Jeb in Florida.

The Democratic coalition didn't materialize for Crist at the polls. So here is the GOP thinking:

To claim three family members for the White House would be historic. On the other hand, American voters may not be ready to vote for another of this generation's Bush family, after W's disastrous terms. Then again, Floridians supporting Gov. Rick Scott demonstrated that history is of little concern.

The 2016 presidential primary could be another carnival freak show. But with enough flat-out negative campaigning, the inventors of reality will dust themselves off once the primary is finished.

The mainstream press is already giving free rides to the assertion that Jeb Bush was "a very successful two-term governor of Florida".  The only facts that will prevail with voters are those manufactured by the GOP spin machine, which is the biggest reason that Jeb will run.


Anonymous said...

Americans wanting to reclaim our country was the determinant factor.
Americans tired if left-wing extremists was the determinant factor.
Pastors, including black pastors standing up and leading their congregations to bring God back to our communities was the determinant factor.
Voters tired of the lies (you can keep your health insurance) was the determinant factor.

Anonymous said...

In Florida people remembered Charlie Crist bailed out in a self/serving effort for the Senate.
Gimlet, voters are not as stupid as you think.

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush? W, his brother, was probably one of the worst Presidents in the history of the United States. George, their father, was little better.

Anonymous said...

I know you won't heed my advice, but here it is anyway:
Get down from your leftist ivory tower and listen to American voters once in a while. Listen to working, church-attending American voters. Listen to voters who have never attended a "cocktail" or a "gala" fundraiser" to save an endangered snail. Listen to American voters who want another school choice for their children because the public school system is broken. Just walk around blue collar neighborhoods and listen to people who are sick of the Marxist who betrayed their trust and sold them out to the banks, to Solyndra and to Bill Ayers and to Saul Alynsky.

Anonymous said...

Anon, above you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Ignorance is pointing voters to vote against their interests time and time again. Fear is the only thing the Republicans have to sell. Oh, that and charter schools owned by the families of the top legislators. You are so upside down that if you spit and it fell on your face you would blame Obama.

Anonymous said...

I believe history shows that it was the two Bush Presidents who pandered to the Wall Street crowd and the S & L crowd thereby causing the 2008-2009 recession that still affects many Americans. No senior managers were ever indicted. Oops.

CATO said...

Gimspierre I would never vote for a Bush (I think last time I did was 1988 and Madonna was relevant) That said the american people did not vote for Republicans because they love them, they just didn't like what Obama, Reid and Pelosi etal had done with the votes they gave to them in 08,10 and 12.
Obamacare or ACA or whatever its called (IS,ISIS ISIL whats the difference) is a runaway disaster, the middle east is just as convoluted as its been,and the banksters are still driving the money bus (and about to crash t again).
Will electing Republicans change that? I won't hold my breath. But to say that somehow Dems are better is .......

Anonymous said...

Look at the map:
Americans voted against Obama
Americans voted against Obamacare
Americans voted against the lies told about Benghazi
Americans voted against the lies told by the IRS

Anonymous said...

most of above comments attest to political marketing working as paid for.

Anonymous said...

Read Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century, he shows we have definitively re-entered an age of modern serfdom, hereditary political power only serves this system of "patrimonial capitalism" when a democratic system better served free market capitalism.

Anonymous said...

In reference to a gala to save an endangered snail, if it took that to do it I would hold a million of them. But I would not give one cent for any cause that for endless greed and mass consumption continues to rape and plunder the only home all creatures have,this planet. Any man is a fool not to understand that what you do to any helpless species ultimately you do to yourself. The web of life seems resilient but there are tipping points. No one knows in advance when these are reached. The breakdown of our web of life would be much worse than a world wide banking crisis. So continue along in your arrogance as masters of the planet that we think we are. But nature will have the last word, and it promises not to be pretty from a human point of view.

Skip Van Cel said...

Jebby could not imagine that he would have a chance at the presidency, until last weeks elections. He now realizes that money can buy an election. God save us.

Anonymous said...

JEB will be out next president.

Anonymous said...

Reading most of these post you'd think that onlr Republicans raise mucho dinero, I think the Dems also do a good job so stop with the money arguments both parties leadership is bought and paid for.